Blackness when doing WILD

Whenever I try and do WILD I can’t “Enter into my Lucid Dream” because I just fall asleep and it is instantly darkness and blackness. I can never remember the point where I go to sleep… I try to “Roll into my dreams” and stuff but I can’t. Could somebody help me? Maybe my dreams don’t work like other peoples… :sad:

Well, if you don’t feel your body anymore, you’re already pretty close :content: try imagining a dream scene, it will probably form in front of you, and you’ll be able to enjoy your LD ^^

If you fall asleep too quickly, that means that you are probably too relaxed.
Try counting or keeping track of your breath (’‘Breathing in…and out…in…out…’’)

Hey, don’t say that.There is no need to be negative.People have experienced far worse problems.
So…don’t get TOO relaxed.Get relaxed enough to be able to go into a dream, and focused enough to be able to stay awake until your WILD works.

Remember…you can do it :smile:

Thanks for the encouragement and advice mate :happy: I’ll try again tonight. I’ll make sure I don’t get too relaxed.

Btw Age of Mythology is the best game ever. I presume that’s where you got your profile pic?