I havent had many lucid dreams but every time I realize that Im deraming everything gets black and I wake up. Im not exited or anything, I stay very calm but I still cant see anything than black for a few moments and hen I wake up. Why is it so?

  1. You could be expecting yourself to wake up
  2. You’re always getting lucid at the end of your REM sleep.
  3. You’re lying to yourself- You do get excited.

maybe you could try to focus on your sense of touch. Grab and rub something. Then slowly try to open your dream eyes or imagine what you see…

A variation of this works for me. I usually just try to ground/stabilize myself to stay in the dream, and in a few seconds some type of environment appears. Whenever I try to “open” my dream eyes I wake up, but that’s just me :wink:. Best of Luck!


Yeah, I usually spin, works most of the time.