"Blind" lucid dreaming... anyone else get this?

Hi guys! I’m sure nobody knows me because I haven’t posted for something like 13 years… wow!!

So, I still lucid dream, maybe 1/3 nights or more. For me, the most powerful ones are when I’ve woken up, satisfied with the amount of sleep I got, but I go back to sleep again. It can make me feel pretty fuzzy for the rest of the day but it’s good for weekends!!

Anyway, sometimes when I know I’m dreaming, I find I start waking up… very common, I know. What I’ve found now is that the “fading out” to wakefulness only happens visually… so I’m still dreaming in terms of being able to move and feel things, and hear things, but I can’t “open my eyes” and see anything. So, I’ll control the dream by deciding to touch something… the only morning it was jumping into a deep swimming pool. It felt SO realistic as I plunged into the water, unable to breathe until I surfaced! Another time, I flew - the wind against me felt very real… and again, I touched strange surfaces and they felt very real against my hands. After a while, visual things started to seep in, although each “bit” only lasted maybe 20 seconds (which is what they say the average dream lasts, right?) - the thing was that I was conscious between them, kinda waiting to see what would happen next, actually willing the entire plot of the dream into being though my thoughts.

Anyway, I wanted to share that and also ask whether others had experienced this kind of LD… where other senses work but it’s really hard to bring in the visual aspect!

Very interesting experiences. My vision fades too when I’m about to wake up in a lucid dream, but I feel a “disconnect” when the fading becomes stronger. I stop feeling my dream body and the last thing I have of the dream ends up being a visual image. Sometimes I don’t wake up though. Sometimes I can force myself to stay in a dreaming state, even when the dream visually and otherwise faded away. I end up in a darkness without a physical body. I have re-entered a dream from this void, but more often I just wake up. Now that I think about it, I could still be in the dreamworld, but none of my senses are working? :happy: Hard to prove or disprove that. I’ll need to visit the void more often.

I have experienced something very similar! I find that when my dream is ending, my senses start to fade in a certain order. The first sense that I lose is my sense of sight. Darkness sort of seeps in from the corners of my vision and before I know it, its completely dark. Sometimes I can still hear sounds, or feel things during this stage… Including my own dream body.

If my dream starts to fade to black, I can prolong it for a little bit (not as much as more experienced lucid dreamers though). However, if I am surrounded in complete darkness, I know in my mind that the dream has essentially come to an end. It basically impossible for me to get my vision back after I passed this point. I may enter a completely different dream but most of the time I just wake up. Maybe I just need some more practice :content: .

the vision is the first to go out when youre making your way back to the waking, just as it is the last to appear as your making your way from the waking into the dream.

know this!
when your vision goes out it does not mean you cant bring it back!
this is most of the time a sign that you are about to wake up since your sense withdraw out of the dream realm and into the waking/physical realm, but its all in your hands.
if this happens and you want to stay in the dream, start moving! dance, jump, rub your hands together! something in movement refocuses the attention on the dream body and when there is attention, your back in business!
you can read about an example of this from my own experience in my dream journal in the site. and more about this kind of information i believe is written in a topic in “beyond dreams” called “a different experience of the nature of dreams” (or something like that) and if its not written there then ohh well! its an interesting conversation anyway :tongue:

20 seconds per dream - Nope

Yeah I also find vision the first thing to go. I’ve got it back a few times though. What works for me is to look down at my chest and focus on that while I grab my shirt with my hands and feel the texture.

I’ve never heard that before and if its true an average dream only lasts that, I must be very abnormal. Watch that your thoughts about this doesn’t go and limit the length of your dreams and how long you are seeing for in them.

I often get blind lucid dreaming. I myself mostly get this on dream entry before I’m fully in the dream (often while I’ve still got physical body awareness too). I also get it but less commonly on dream drop outs. What I do is ignore the blindness and do what you are currently doing and still go and do things, the sight does tend to come in if I’m not bothered by being blind.

(One can do a “what’s in my pocket” challenge when blind, that’s a challenge I did one time when I was blind)

Woah, 13 years. I’ve never seen anyone come back after that long! (I just returned after a bout 2 years :tongue: ). Welcome back!

It seems that sight is the last sense to appear when the dream is forming and the first to go when it’s fading (excluding taste and smell, I don’t know about those). When I’m lucky enough to WILD I usually get touch first, then hearing and then sight. If I’m entering a dream and obsess about not being able to see, focusing on the blackness, I end up getting sucked back out of the dream. If I instead focus on what I can feel with my hands while I wait for the dream to get more solid, that usually works. Before I know it I can see. The opposite happens when the dream fades, I’ll lose sight first and can still hear and feel. Then hearing will go away and I can only touch stuff… then I wake up completely. That is, if the dream doesn’t fade all at once!