Blind Lucid Dreaming

Since I’ve begun actively trying to lucid dream, I’ve faced this problem. Basically, when i finally realize that I’m dreaming, i suddenly go blind and start to float away. I have tried some of the techniques here, like ‘rubbing hands together’ , but that only stabilizes my ‘body’. However, although at this point, i can feel and hear, i cannot see or speak. When i try to, i just wake up. Its quite annoying since, recently, its been happening even when i’m not trying to lucid dream. I mean, I’m standing there minding my own bussiness then suddenly i see a purple cat, realize that cat arent purple, then suddenly go blind. Its quite disruptive to my sleeping habits.

Has this happened to anyone else? Does anyone know any way i can stop this?

[color=darkorchid][b]Happens to me too. No idea how to stop it, though with me, rubbing hands doesn’t even stabilise me, it just makes me have an FA, which is…ok…because sometimes I realise it IS an FA and it doesn’t go blank as fast that way.


Sorry I can’t help you. I’ll keep checking back to see other peoples suggestions. xD[/b][/color]

Wats up man?

Try staring at an object in your dream. Looking at it closely will get your visual processing unit in your brain busy, therefore not losing your sight (hopefully). The only other suggestion i can give you is to stay really calm and maybe spin around in circles…

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It’s the typical “black void”/“losing visuals” problems. I’m afraid Taipan’s first solution won’t work, since you don’t see anything… The two classical methods are rubbing your hands, which apparently doesn’t work with you, but works with PistGurl (having FA is regaining visuals indeed); and as Taipan said, spinning or twirling, which stabilizes your dreambody and makes soon another scene to emerge.

It sounds like you’re waking up (I usually lose sight with a “fade to black” at the end of my dreams). It may be that the excitement is waking you. To echo Taipan, I’d suggest remaining calm. Try doing random math in your head ("5 x 3 is 15, plus 12 is 27, divided by 3 is 9…) or something equally boring.

Also, if upon awakening you remain COMPLETELY still, it is relatively easy to re-enter the dream state. Just lie there and wait for the dream to coalesce around you (I usually keep thinking to myself “I am dreaming, I am dreaming” so I don’t forget). (You can train yourself to do this when waking from normal dreams too, as a method for inducing lucid dreams.)

Another suggestion (try the other two first) is to think to yourself “what a beautiful garden this is with all these wonderful red flowers and just look at that blue sky with all those puffy white clouds…”, and ramble on and on in your thoughts until a scene reforms.

Another suggestion (try the other three first) is to take your dream-fingers and pry your dream-eyelids open.

the same thing happens to me all the time, even when my dreams arent lucid.