Blind man dreaming his way through life

Zoltan Torey, a Hungarian-born psychologist, lost his sight in an accident in a factory in Sydney. Instead of becoming all passive, though, he decided to develop his inner visualization skills so that he could imagine what his surroundings looked like. He became so adept at this that he could climb up on his roof and repair the gutters all by himself! He also began to imagine what an atom looked like, what consciousness was built of, and so on.

Read a fascinating interview with him here:

OMG! :eek: I’ve been thinking if this - exactly this - was possible!! Thanks for the proof! :woo:

I’ve been interested in this visualization skill for some time. I’ve been searching the internet for exercises and other information to try and develop it. I haven’t had much success, but… :neutral:

One day I just had this tought, of someone losing their sight and beeing able to recreate the world around them visually in their mind.

And the interview is very good two. :wink:

Thank you so mutch for posting this.
So inspiring to see people with such depth…

Life is so big and we are so small though people nowadays believe the opposite.

Thank you Zoltan