Blind spots in dreams?

I just had this last night, and I know I’ve had it before. I look at something, say I’m turning my head slowly, then I reach a point where there’s nothing there. But it’s not black or anything it’s like a strange void, like the dream hasn’t been rendered. It doesn’t look like anything at all because I can’t look at this void. Argh, none of this makes sense. Maybe if you’ve had a blind dream (or like the beginning of a WILD where your sight hasn’t kicked in yet) you know a bit what it’s like. You don’t see black or anything when you’re blind in a dream, it’s like you literally don’t have sight. But what I had last night was a specific place, like a dream black hole or something, like the visual edge of the dream. God, it’s such a weird sensation! If you imagine a dream being an image on a screen, this void isn’t a lack of color, a black blob, it’s more like the edge of the image, there just isn’t anything there… though imagine the edge in the middle of the image somehow… :bored:

Anyone ever had this or have any idea what I’m talking about? :rofl:

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In the past, someone told me about a few things that would cause you to wake up/get a FA/spoil your dream. And as soon as it happened, it actually caused it to me. Then later I noticed that they were spoiled because of this belief.

Therefore, this is one of things that I forcefully reject to avoid spoiling my dreams.

Yes, it has happened a few times, but after I started rejecting this possibility, they just get blurry or dark for a while and everything becomes fine again soon enough.

wow, must be an odd experience. It’s never happened to me … yet. But now I’ve read your post, you never know :uh:

@Tggtt: yeah, since it’s literally a localized lack of sensory experience, focusing on it would probably make you lose touch with the dream. This happens to me when I enter a WILD and instead of focusing on touch and hearing, I keep wondering about and focusing on the fact that I can’t see. All I did was look away to a part of the dream that was “rendered” and the dream went on.

@moogle: It’s weird but pretty interesting, almost like a dream glitch. Lets hope you have it tonight :tongue:

This sounds like something different than the voids I experience. Voids for me are actually just darkness. I don’t feel gravity, warmth, cold and the void produces no sound or light unless I manage to create it. When I enter the void, I can’t feel or see my body most of the time. I have made a dream appear into this darkness and made a body appear for myself. It has been a welcoming, tranquil transition zone. It wasn’t that in my latest lucid dream. I was panicking and suddenly thrown into the void. It didn’t help that I couldn’t control my blinking. A bit spooky experience, but I wouldn’t blame the void for that. I still want to explore the void more when I get the chance.

You’re NOT the only crazy one, mattias! I think experience that (or something similar), too, from time to time.

At least, I think I experience the same thing. The dream ‘not rendering’ is really the best description I could give of it. For me, at least, it’s often only certain areas, often behind me. For instance, if I were to spin in a circle, 5º of the 360º may be a complete void, but I can keep looking to the other side of it and the dream world continues like nothing is wrong. I have lost DC’s and other objects in the void regions as well.

It happens to me more frequently when I’m actively controlling non-lucid dreams. (I’m not aware on a conscious level, I don’t actively question the dream, but I do exert active control. Often summoning/removing things, influencing DC’s to change their attitudes, rewinding or fast forwarding, etc). Sometimes I can fix it by forcing the dream to ‘render’ without looking directly at it. Sometimes it makes me lucid and I just fly off into the sunset. :shrug:

@ Letaali: I know the void you are talking about! Though most of the times I just wake up from it. I shouldn’t have used the word void, it’s not accurate at all…

@Ysim: That’s probably it! :woo: I only remember not being able to look at these places, but actually losing DC’s to it is hilarious! I don’t remember experiencing this enough times to realize the circumstances, but I think I was a bit more aware than my average ND’s, though definitely not lucid. I quite frequently control my dreams without being lucid, I don’t think that has an effect in my case. I’ll sure pay more attention in case it happens again!