Blinding Light: False Awakening?

Sometimes, when I sleep late, I’m trying to wake up, but there’s blinding light everywhere. I am physically unable to open my eyes because the light is just too bright and hurts way too bad. Is this a false awakening, and, if it happens often, is there a way to become lucid from it?

It sounds like a form of sleep paralysis to me? It reminds me of the type of sleep paralysis that I used to have as a child. Are you able to move the rest of your body? Maybe you could learn a kind of RC that you can do with closed eyes, and use that to find out if it is a false awakening :cool:

this is a spiritual experience… dream / sleep yoga techniques often are based upon desiring to achieve unison with the clear light that permeates all reality.

i would say, it’s a good thing, and you should surrender to it, become one with it, and see what happens.

further, the pineal gland / third eye makes melatonin, serotonin, and DMT (a psychedelic drug) and the pineal gland mainly operates based upon light. by staying in that light it is definitely related to sleep and may lead to great spiritual findings.

I like to accept the fact that this spiritual rubb is based upon experiences. The pinial gland has got a very significant role with light, my sister once explained it to me (she studies biology). But I forgot what it was. :tongue: