Blinking and breathing During dreams.

Are they really neccisary? Can you go without them during a lucid dream?

When you are lucid, you can do whatever you want, even if it means not to breath. But, I know a person who stopped breathing in the dream, and as he did, he stopped breathing in real life too and woke up. But I believe you can stop breathing in LDs while remain breathing in RL, just need some practice.

vv that is correct, what you do inside a lucid dream can and does cause results that mimic what you are experiencing in the dream, for example some of the most famous lucid dream experiments were conducted this way using REM as the signals inside lucid dreams that they were indeed dreaming. This experiment has been reporduced many times with breathing, rem and attaching sensors to the body that will detect the slightest activity, and it has been found that the muscles do indeed respond to a slight level in the way that the person is using them in a dream.

The power of the mind huh.

do you need them? i would suggest not, i don t blink in my dreams but i can close my eyes, i do breath but only if i am doing something where i think i need to, ie running or what ever, most of the time i am either not aware of it like waking life, or just not doing it.

why do you ask?

Well, After watching the Matrix a few days ago. “You think that’s air you’re breathing now?” It just struck curiousity in me to see if you actually have to breath in a dream.

Thank you for your answer’s.

I was thinking about it a few days ago… but I had a different angle… I thought that one could make RC’s easier but breathing like one does while sleeping. I noticed I was breathing in this way and my mindstate was sort of like in dreams. It made questioning reality quite easy, since I felt like I might be dreaming.
We control our lungs while dreaming, the only way to not need to breath in a dream would be to not think about it.
I tried to not close my eyes and immediately I felt the need to close them, just like IRL. I suspect the same goes for breathing. You’ll ofcourseneed to breathe IRL but not to dream about it.

that’s why the nose RC works, where you plug your nose, I think.

You close your nose in the dream.
Your nose is open in real life.
You can breathe in the dream,
as you can breathe in real life.

erm, like that.

I don’t know if dream breathing connects to waking breathing. LaBerge has noted that your breathing is not subject to sleep paralysis and neither are eye movements.

I have had several LDs where I closed and opened my eyes in the dream without opening my waking body eyes.

I have read many DJs where people close their eyes in LDs and when they open them they are still in the dream.

Obviously your lungs won’t be paralysed when you sleep. You’d die. It’s easy to see that breathing is influenced by what you dream if you look at a sleeping cat for instance. They’ll breathe like crazy and twitch their tails off.
In fact since sleep paralysis is not present in the eyes and lungs, they move like they do in the dream. But think the eyelids are paralysed, or maybe not, you don’t need eyelids in a dream anyway. I think the more you focus in them in a dream they higher the chance is you’ll really open your eyes.
Breathing in a dream won’t wake you up so that’s not a problem. But if you want to dream that you absolutely do not breathe, you might hold you breath on both worlds.
If you don’t pay attention to your breathing you won’t notice it anyway, maybe that way you can dream that you don’t breathe.

I had a dream where i went swimming in this lake and i was under water when for some reason i realised i was dreaming ( dont know what triggered it ) And so i tried to breath under water and found that i couldnt get any air in my lungs at all but then i was under water even saying that i didnt need it and stayed under for ages. So i say no to the breathing as for blinking not sure on that never noticed :content: