Blinking During Lucid Dreams?

Ok, well I need :help: with this problem. For some reason, Im so obsessed with blinking in real life that I do it in my few lucid dreams. Blinking always seems to wake me up. :grrr: It’s getting frustrating, too! Does anybody else have this problem, or am I just a freak :confused:

P.S. I know I can TRY to not blink, but that doesn’t seem to work.

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Obsessed? How can someone obsess over blinking? That’s like obsessing over breathing…

Well, anyway, the best thing you can do is to not even think about it. If you blink, you blink. There’s no reason for it to wake you up unless that is what you expect will happen. Make sure your dream is stable by rubbing your hands, feeling objext, doing excersize and the like. I guess if it’s such a huge problem you could rub hands while you blink, that should keep the dream from fading.

Also, you should shout out “when I blink, I will not wake up” during the dream. Shouting seems to have a strong effect on LD’s. Also, you could take a pill or drink something while telling yourself it will have the same effect.

And no, you’re not a freak. Everyon has their own little thing that bothers them while they LD. For me, I have trouble keeping my left eye open. Not my right, just my left. No clue why. Shouting for it to open almost always takes care of it.

This seems kind of strange… how can you be “obsessed with blinking” IRL? Don’t you just do it automatically?

My aunt blinks quiet frequently i think it has to do with people with poor eyesight and maybe not a 100% accurate perscription. im no eye dr tho

You don’t even need to blink in a dream, I never do it.

I think what she means is that she’s a bit too aware of blinking, so she ends up doing it more than usual. Maybe this happens because of poor eyesight as someone mentioned above or anything else that might irritate the eye. I used to do this :tongue:

So even if you don’t need to blink in a dream the urge to blink will still be there. I also suggest any kind of suggestion by yelling in the dream or even auto-suggestion before bed. If you wake up for lack of vision, you can try to rub stuff and focus on that sense and/or sound as you blink.

It’s called OCD. I had that before but not that serious.

Been there. It doesn’t matter if you blink in a dream. It’s just something you got into your head. What you ought to do is to challenge the blink, and prove that it doesn’t have to wake you up. And, when you wake up from a lucid dream prematurely, you can slip back into the dream easily. That is the easiest time to enter a lucid dream.