Blinking in a lucid dream?

I remember having this lucid dream this morning and it was the most vivid one i ever had. Everything was crystal clear and i had a good amount of control, and i was able to see my dream body (unlike previous ones where i felt it was there but couldnt see it) .i noticed a few times in that dream i was blinking thoughtlessly (the dream went black and came back instantly in a way that would happen if you were to blink IWL). At some point i blinked again, probably the fourth or fifth time, i opened my real eyes when trying to reopen my dream eyes. I didnt really put thought into it like i did the previous times. This brings me to the question, is blinking something that i should try to stop in order to prevent opening my real eyes? :confused:

Well, you could do this:

  1. Yes, stop blinking. IRL if you stop blinking your eyes will sore, but in a dream that won’t happen because IRL your eyes are closed. So you could just stop blinking.

  2. You need to have many goals for your LD’s so that you get involved in them and actually forget about that blinking.

That’s what I’d do :smile:

Thanks. I DID have a goal of flying but in my dream environment i was in a room inside a building. and for some reason my goal changed to: examine the room i was in and then explore the building i was in. I managed to get examining the room down before waking up though :tongue: and also it didnt occur to me to manipulate the dream environment, i was so caught up in exploring/examining and the overall vividness of my dream i didnt care about flying. But again thanks ill try preoccupying myself more. :content: or maybe just stop blinking XD