Blinking in LD

I have only recently discovered the reality check which involves pinching your nose and trying to breathe and it led me to wonder, do you blink in your dreams? Has anyone tried holding their eyes open to see if their body tries to blink? Also, what happens when you close your eyes in a lucid dream?

It probably differs from person to person, but if i close my eyes and open them again in a LD, i usually wake up. If the eyes remain shut, a new dream will usually appear after a couple fo seconds. I have never noticed blinking in a dream, apart from that.

This happened to me once when I tried to teleport. I read somewhere that if you close your eyes and imagine a place then open them you can teleport. I tried this but it frustratingly resulted in waking up.

When I started blinking, I’d either wake up, transport, or have the dream turn back into a ND. I actually spent several dreams practicing nothing but blinking until I could do so without any negative consequences. Sure, it wasn’t the most crucial thing I HAD to do, but I had it in my head I wanted to blink in a dream. :tongue:

.> I always wake up. Always. >.>

Once in a LD I noticed my eyes always stay open. Right at that moment, I felt as if I needed to blink. :tongue: When I did, I woke up.

Yea, i get that too. When i blink i wake up.
I never thought of keeping them closed until now thanks!

Err… why not just not blink? I mean, I don’t really feel the urge to blink when I’m dreaming. Early on I did notice that my vision would mess up as a result of blinking so I just stopped. I don’t blink much in RL either so it wasn’t really hard.

Anyway, I can now blink in my dreams without messing things up. Not sure what changed but hey, I’m not complaining. Maybe it was just inexperience or something.

It’s like the matrix, even though you technically don’t have to blink in a dream, i’m basically programmed to so it’s just natural for me. And in not doing it, i think it would make things worse.

Because my brain would be saying: “Uhh, what do you think your doing?” and I would wake :smile:

I also wake up. :sad: I don’t get the need to blink but my problem is when you normally close your eyes without thinking (kissing, swimming, … :bored: )

I also tried spinning and I usually close my eyes. I never thought to try to keep them open or keep them closed. :eh:

When i closed my eyes in the LD, they felt sandy.

  1. I was blinking actually like in real life :tongue: blink, blink, blink :tongue: it was hypnagogis, not LDs.
  2. In lds I always close my eyes when I want to travel somewhere :smile: and always it works. I usually look for doors also, walking into the doors with closed eyes is like teleportation :smile:
  3. ive never closed my eyes in LD for more, than during the traveling. Some day I`ll try. Im sure its another way to achieve vibrations :smile: I get vibrations when i want it in LD, just try to remember that feeling :smile:

I don’t think you need to blink, so why do it? Technicly in a dream, your eyes are closed, because you are acully in your bed alseep, with your eyes closed. (unless you sleep with your eyes open.) So your eyes wont dry up, so theres no need to blink.
Personally if I close my eyes, I can still maintain the dream, but if I close them tightly, when I open them, I’m awake… It’s good for getting out of nightmares:neutral:

Nevertheless, my body tries to blink even though i know that I’m actually in bed with my eyes closed.

I can’t imagine whey that is, though. It doesn’t seem to be habit, since I actually cannot hold them open myself for a long period of time. Perhaps it’s some psychological thing.

:wallhit: I closed my eyes in todays dream and woke up, but it was black for 5 minutes before I could open my eyes :sad: I dont recommend blinking in dreams.

Firstly, don’t dramatize it! It’s just a blink, you don’t have to wake up. I experienced it some time before but decided it’s just an expectation, and haven shyed away from blinking since with no problems.
Secondly, when you make blinking “one of those things” you will pay more attention to your eyes and the need to blink, even though you know it is not a psycial need. The result is that you will want to blink very much, just like in real life.
But if you don’t mind blinking, it will not be on your mind.

So, when you dramatize, you make the need to blink more urgent, and the effect of waking up more probable. It is a game of expectation, with no fixed rules, and you can decide whether you want to play the game or do your own thing.

I can blink in my dreams, mostly to teleport, but it takes a couple times to work, I actually have not found a way to wake up in a dream… NOTHING! (I was once KILLED 5 times in my dream until I woke up.)

I know its a dead thread but i just wanted to say this
ive had like 4? 5? lucid dreams so far and 2 of them were from nightmares.
I was like, ‘hang on, this is just dream, i can just wake up with closing my eyes and open em seconds later’.
what i wanted say, is that i didn’t realize i could wake up with that. i havent read anything about blinking as a way of waking up, never thought about it or anything.
how had i known this??? i think its kind of instinct. have you guys known about this all the time??

in the first few lds i had i would blink and my eyes would get stuck shut. i could feel my surroundings and everything in the dream, my eyes were just closed. i even tried opening them with my fingers one time, it was like they were super glued shut. weird.

i knew it already on some subconscious level the first time, probably because i have experienced sleep paralysis and have been able to blink my eyes during those moments. It could have come from an ‘i really don’t want to see this!’ scene in a nightmare that became lucid.

I’m afraid to try