Blue Night Wavespell - Dream on!

In the Dreamspell, we are currently travelling through a 13-day cycle known as the “Blue Night Wavespell”.

This 13-day cycle began on Blue Magnetic Night. When you see the word “Magnetic” in the name of the kin, you know that we are at the beginning of a new wavespell. On this day our purpose for the 13-day cycle is affirmed, giving it the power to magnetically attract the individual filaments that lead to it’s successful manifestation.

The Blue Night represents the power of the dreamtime. That vast store of potentiality within our hearts, the world of imagination and creation. This might be a good time to get ideeper into your dream journal, or start reflecting on how the world itself is a common, collective dream, we are bringing into being together.

Follow closely the interaction of your night dreams, with your life dream, and watch for the synchronicities. Remember that in dreaming - we have the power to shape and create what we wish for, and that we can do this in waking too through visualising and imagining the world we would like to see. This is what we mean by abundance - the potentiality is already out there, it’s just a matter ofmaking it visible within your world.

Kin in this wavespell

Blue Magnetic Night

Yellow Lunar Seed

Red Electric Serpent

White Self-Existing World-Bridger

Blue Overtone Hand

Yellow Rhythmic Star

Red Resonant Moon

White Galactic Dog

Blue Solar Monkey

Yellow Planetary Human

Red Spectral Skywalker

White Crystal Wizard

Blue Cosmic Eagle

Consider the way in which the different stages of the Wavespell may be connected, how they reflect on the initial purpose as laid down by the Blue Night - the power of dreaming and abundance.