Blue Water

It’s actually something different, but there’s something that reminds me of this. There was a while ago a topic on the Dutch LD4all about how you can influence water with your thoughts.

There was an experiment with talking to rice in water. In one you expressed negative feelings and the other positive. There seemed to be a difference between the two of them.

Okay maybe that was a little off-topic. I only read the “book” after I wrote this. I have to agree with Bruno, if you want to use it for something, it’s still water, fine with me.

I’m going to try some blue water once i get back from france (i leave tomorrow night) and see if it works. I’m not that sure it does but still, one must keep an open mind :tongue:

Nuu the Queen likes freckles :nuu: :razz:

Giant off topic-ness:

@ Eyelids: I agree with your criticism on modern medicine. After all, it’s our overuse of antibiotics and pills that are creating “super-bugs,” so what are we doing? Trying to create more powerful drugs. We’re trying to combine natural selection with the Cold War. :razz:

Even this has substantial support from science without even getting at the religious aspects. So many important drugs/hormones that influence the rest of the body are synthesized in the brain. The brain functions better with more oxygen, and yoga stimulates (correct word?) the flow of oxygen to the brain.

Back on topic:

Just wondering, what does red do? Because I've been drinking out of a red bottle, though plastic but as an American I'm guaranteed to die of cancer or heart troubles, for over a year now without even thinking about this.

colors have an effect on you , but not if you drink water that has been lighted in a certain color , in my opinion , this can be discounted as fraud (at least it is not such a expensive one like certain other devices…)

More off topic-ness:

The problem is that when you posit this sort of criticism against modern medicine, you’re throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Let’s take your example; sure antibiotics are being over used, but that’s not what modern medicine is about - talk to any doctor and I’m sure you will get a good speech about why antibiotics should not be overused. Just because they are, that doesn’t mean we should all stop using them and start drinking coloured water :wink:

So why are such medicines being overused? Mostly because they aren’t being used as medicines. Think about this; some companies make a lot of money off of you by selling you stuff that you don’t need, and antibacterial soaps, cleaners, etc, all fall into that category. Heck, they even make antibacterial toothpaste, but you don’t need antibacterial toothpaste. It’s just a marketing ploy…and it’s not modern medicine that is responsible for this, but modern medicine that has to fix the problem.

On topic-ness:

Water is really just hydrogen and oxygen, and light is just electro magnetic radiation, so if you think about it, you probably ingest these molecules all the time, many of which have sitting somewhere, exposed to some other type of light, and you haven’t noticed any positive or negative effects from that. So if this blue water stuff really works, I’d suspect the placebo effect has something to do with it…and to prove it, I am willing drink a whole litre of ‘orange’ water :tongue:

…it might not be a good laxative, but I think it will make me have to pee really badly :content:

What does orange do to you? I don’t want to go check.

Im just pointing something out. How would water be charged blue if the container is reflecting blue light so that we see it as blue? There is less blue light than any other light.

You’re right.
We see blue because the container scatters blue light and absorbs every other colour…so we could also say that the container is every colour but blue, and thus, the water too :eh:

Bah, that’s a matter of definition. If you must, where we talk about blue water, substitute with unblue water :tongue:

It has a very powerful laxative effect. :lol:

drug mention removed

And with regards to the yoga, that’s a bit extreme, there’s no need for yoga in those circumstances, this is pretty much the opposite extreme to pills for everything: Yoga for everything!

Obese: Excercise regularly and try to eat healthier foods, walking is fine, there is no need for yoga.
Diabetes: Moderate your sugar intake, making sure that you keep sugar levels in check. In bad cases, you will need insulin. Caution, yoga changes neither blood suga levels nor insulin production!
Arthritis: Alright, I’ll give you yoga for that one.
Stress: this really depends on the person, some people might find yoga incredibly stressful! For me, to get rid of stress, I put on some music and sit down and sketch, works every time.

Anyway, on topic now. I don’t see how coloured water can help you in any way? As someone has already mentioned, almost all water is going to be “(un)blue water” because the atmosphere does the same thing that a blue bottle will do.

Sorry if I’m sounding like a hater, I’m just extremely skeptical of this sort of thing.

I can’t find a blue bottle anywhere, only my sister has one…i could temporary steal it from her :plotting:

I think you’re right :cool:

Yea, I don’t have one either. I need to buy one from amazon or someplace.

you probably have a colored glass somewhere, and you can use saran wrap to seal it…

I asked my mom if we do and we don’t have any blue glass bottles. I do have a blue water bottle though.

I’m not saying that I am a full believer, but I do think that in an infinite universe there are infinite possibilities. Just keep an open mind and give it a go. It may work for some people and not for others. Whether or not it is a placebo, who cares! If it works it works.

Yes, you’re quite right about the colour spectrum. Technically, you would be drinking unblue water. That doesn’t mean that it doesn’t work however.
You could argue that ordinary water (and Im not sure of this entirley) contains all colours. Wouldnt it be conseivable then, that if we were to remove one of these colours from water, be it blue or orange, that it would have an effect.
But then again, wouldn’t the water actually change colour if we were to remove one of the others in the spectrum?

Anyway, I think that the above paragraph that Iv just posted doesnt really apply here and that some people are missing the point. We’re not talking about actualy removing a colour from water or adding a colour to it. You cannot do this by subjecting it to different colour light. You’re taking too literal.
Perhaps its all working on a molecular level which cannot be scene. A level that maybe science has yet to prove exists. Maybe it is on this level that all other alternative healing forms exist, such as Chi.

Remember, that it wasnt that long ago that scientists didnt believe there was anything smaller than the atom. But then they found that that was comprised of electrons and protons. And then, they found Quarks. So who knows whats smaller than them. Is there another level that makes those particles?

:eek: :eek: :eek:

i couldn’t find any colored glasses at wal-mart or hobby lobby so i’m just with a clear white glass drinking cup, for white light, and the blue one. the blue might almost be indigo.

that’s pretty crazy !

Red is said to charge the body with iron according to the PDF.

It has to be transparent and it has to have sunlight shining in it for an hour or two.

Now someone said, aren’t most bodies of water charged by the sun? Yeah, but where do you get YOUR drinking water from ? It’s been sitting in a store, dead for many many hours and days and weeks and months, or sitting in your pipes underground.

There was an ice storm recently, and just touching an ice-cycle and eating it made my hands go alive with tingles of vibrant energy, and the ice purified my third eye center immensely.

Fresh nature has good chi, industrial environment has evil chi… in abundance.

But do some simple things and you will be healthy you know, don’t be so pessimistic about your future !

does it need to be sealed, i don’t remember reading that anywhere.

i’m not sure what everyone means by unblue, its like if you were to put blue sunglasses on your eyes would see everything as colored blue, the color blue is being projected into the light due to sunshine shining on it, right ? i don’t see a need to invert the system as the human eyes and what they THINK blue are is fine enough to start a language with

It never said it needs to be sealed, but its probably better to seal it. Dust or insects could get in…

I checked in with some info about water (Wikipedia, but still) And I have learned a number of interesting facts:

  1. Water is blue, and not because of a reflection from the skies.
  2. Water is blue because it absorbs all other forms of light, and the blue photons (bl. (Hence it gets bluer as it gets deeper - there is scattering on a longer distance)
  3. The scattering involves loss of energy from the water.
  4. Putting water in a blue glass doesn’t change thier color - the wavelength turns bluer 'cause of the scattering.

What I tihkn that is happening with blue water is that they get different amounts of energy. It could be tested by simply putting an IR/UV filter around the water (alowing only, or only NOT those types of radiation) Such waters should be less energetic (Which can mean, practiaclly, just colder)