bob marley! (no w8! read it! this is not off topic!)

well, i am a big fan of bob marley. i have found that i tend to have more (vivid) dreams if i play “no woman no cry” on repeat. might not work for ya if you can fall asleep with music. but it seems to work for me :smile:

I don’t think it has much to do with the song it’s self. Based on my findings, it has to do with the disturbance it causes you during sleep. It keeps your mind from sliping too far into sleep so you may become lucid. Very basic technique, but I’m glad you’ve found something to help you! I’m still looking for my first LD to happen.

The Fiend

I used to listen to music every night while I fell asleep. But once I had to start using an alarm to wake me up everyday, I decided not to listen to music while I slept because I needed the alarm to shock me out of sleep. Maybe sometime on the weekend I will try that.

yah, its not so much the song probably. but it is in my opinion one of the greatest songs ever :smile: and its relaxing. so if not bob marley maby a different relaxing song :smile:

I used to sleep to a playlist of lemon jelly, and st. germain, oh and the bela fleck classical cd ‘perpetual motion’ i think its called.

lemon jelly is really relaxing, so it would put me to sleep pretty quickly, and sometimes I would hear the songs in my dreams and i’d become lucid, and sometimes i’d become lucid and not hear the music, no matter how hard I tried. weird.

but I had to stop that because my girlfriend can’t sleep to music :-/

If you guys want some good sleep music, get Brian Eno’s ambient series or William Baskinski’s Disintergration Loops. I’ll be glad to send over AIM if anybody wants them.

Here are some good songs for Lucid Dreaming:
Dont Rock My Boat -Bob Marley
Riders on the storm -The Doors
Light my fire -Doors
Flutes of the chi -Ween
Jamaican Ska -(I think The Specials do it)
Like a hurricane -Neil Young

I hope these help. There are so many, basically anything thats relaxing or really gets u into a thoughtful, philosophical mood has worked for me.