Bob Ross...(A good way to relaxe before bed)

Have you ever heard of the artist Bob Ross, He is the guy with the bushy hair. You can sometimes catch him on cabale. The way he paints, and talks is very hypnotic, I love watching him, It relaxes me so much. Im going to ordor some DVDs of his shows, and watch them before going to bed.

Yeah yeah i always, after coming back from college watch his show (The Best of Joy painting) and yeah he’s very hypnotic, the way he “beats the devil out” of the brushes makes me very sleepy.

That’s my way of taking a good nap, Bob Ross all the way up with his paintings!! :cool:

We don’t get it in the UK, sounds good though.

i’m quite intrigued by this, i shall download some of those episodes and let you know! is it just a Rolph Harris or Tony Heart style painting programme?

Bob Ross is the original! Man I love that guy… My friend dressed up as him for Halloween last year. :smile: