Body heats up while WILDing

sorry, we had to change the title because you got only comments on that :tongue:

I’ve been doing an exceptional amount of WILDing recently. I get to the whole HI thing, just not tired enough to fall asleep. I’m gonna start WILDing in the mornings with WBTB relatively soon. Anyway’s, I find that after around an hour of wilding, my body gets to a point where it just explodes in warmth. Like I’ll just be laying on my bed, minding my own business, and then my body just heats up to a ridiculous level…especially my wang. lol. I’m not really complaining, mind you, it actually feels pretty good. However, I’m just sort of curious as to whatever it is.


Sounds like deep relaxation, at least thats what it sounds like to me. I’ve always heard that while in the hypnagogic state there is a wide variation of sensations.

Maybe you just got a unique one or are expecting something out of the ordinary?

I THIRD IT! Also, as for the total relaxation thing, i get that sometimes when i’m walking around. All of a sudden i just have a sort of spasm and i shake all over, then about 2 seconds later warmth just spreads through me. This anything similar to what you have?

I get that sometimes too. It mainly happens when I’m briefly excited about something.

[size=84]Also, I fourth that topic title… four W’s… hehe[/size]

Ahh. I never really experience anywhere else other than the bed, hehe.

Yeah, that sounds right! hehe, I don’t experience that much HI or hear hypnagonic sounds or anything like that, so maybe its just a different way of feeling these things or something.

I’ve had the opposite happen, where my whole body goes cold.

I won’t tell you my first thought when I read this thread, but Bruno know’s :wink:

It’s the hormonal liberation. :yes: You’re a teenager, you’re falling asleep, your parasympathetic system must go hyper… You feel relaxed, warm (you might actually blush), it’s tough to even think of moving… And of course there’s the effect in the ehm “pride zone,” which is also controlled by the parasympathetic.

So don’t worry. :smile: Every boy that age is ellegible to experience that. When you grow up and never, ever have to worry about hormonal heights again (unless you get married, that is :roll: ), it will cease.


I also had that once. I didn’t get to the LD though :sad: