Body jerked during hypnagogia

So the other day my friend and I were biking to a subway for dinner. Pretty fun day, we went to walmart and just looked around and had fun. That night when I was going to sleep, I had hypnagogia where we were biking to the subway again, but this time we crossed the street instead of taking the initial route on the sidewalk. A car came down the road speeding, and it hit my bike and sent me flying. My body jerked due to how realistic this hypnagogia was, after that happened, I lifted myself very fast (in real life, not the hypnagogia), breathing heavily Has anyone else felt something like this or similar to this?

Yes, totally! Usually I’m tripping over something or falling down the stairs that does the same thing. I’m not sure why this happens. It could be one of those muscle jerks you sometimes get when relaxing and falling asleep, but then things in your muscle escalate a little or whatever :joy:

I have this in many of my WILD attempts, maybe every fourth one. It’s like a pretty nasty reset of all my relaxation progress.

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