Body Modifications

I was reading an interesting article on click to read on eyeball implants. This is an interesting procedure. They take a piece of (i think) platinum and surgically insert it into your eye. This is a purely aesthetic procedure. What I find interesting, is that the procedure is only legal in Amsterdam right now (booger nuts!). I wouldn’t mind traveling to Amsterdam and getting that done, but it is rather expensive right now (approximately $900).

Anyway, this topic is meant to be a little more general to talk about hair color, tattoos, piercings, and other such alterations to your own body.

I currently have a basic lobe piercing in the left ear, and an industrial in the right. Btw, the industrial hurts like hell to get done.

I want a couple more piercings (tongue!), and some tatoos as well. However, my parents are being a little restrictive on that right now. It doesn’t really matter though, I will be 18 in about two months.

… … creapy…

Ew, I think I would literally be sick if I saw somebody with metal through their eyeball. That’s just disgusting (even the thought makes me feel queasy!).

Anyway, I’m not a fan of tattoos at all. They’re very ugly, I think, and they tend to look like a little kid scribbled all over their skin with a whiteboard marker. Even the more discreet, smaller tattoos look bad in my opinion. I would seriously reconsider getting them if I were you - but it’s your choice.

Piercings I don’t mind so much (except the eyeball thing shudder), as long as they’re not in sensitive places. Tongue rings and nipple rings always make me want to cringe. I can just imagine how much they’d hurt! Personally, I’ve pierced both my ears and am considering having it done a second time, but I wouldn’t take it further than that, even if only because of the pain factor.

I thought this topic would be about something else… body parts and such being modified.

I don’t see anything bad with this if it can be done safely and consistantly. It would seem that the tech isn’t advanced enough to rid all customers of the redness and irritation a piece of metal causes to your eye. Different shapes or colors would be cool too.

Well, as long as you don’t go stereotyping people with body mods, I guess that is your own choice. However, tongue piercings hardly hurt, and they heal incredibly fast. A tongue piercings is in fact the safest piercing you can do as long as you take care of it. Also, I don’t see why a little piece of metal implanted in an eye would make you feel queezy. It is pretty discrete (if you read the article for which I provided a link, you would see some pix). And you’re right, it is your opinion, and my opinion is that body mods add flavor to a person’s body. I see the human body as an empty canvas to be filled.

It is relevant, so you are free to talk about extreme body mods.

I alwasy thought tongue-forking was cool, but I like my tongue as it is (except, I still want a tongue piercing).

There are some body mods that I myself would never do. I saw this guy who got tatoos, filed his nails to a point and split his tongue to look like an animal. Actually a few people have done this, weirdos I say.

In the future we will be having to face these extreme body mods and deciding if we accept them or not. It may first just be for fashion or function. As technology increases, the ability to transplant or insert items into the body is becoming easier. It may be in the future you could have an implant to allow you to see better or hear, you could replace a damaged limb with real tissue or even a synthetic arm that could serve many purposes. If you had the use of your legs, while allowing for storage area inside the leg, using a mod leg, then why wouldn’t you want a moded leg? Eventually they could even put sensors to feel for the leg and transmit the signals to the brain to perceive as pain or heat or whatever,

some of them also file their teeth into points - there’s some weirdo ex-marine who got his body tattooed so he looks like a leopard or something and he lives in the highlands in scotland … he has his teeth and nails filed down to points and he lives off the land and hardly wears any clothes and stuff. i’ve seen pictures and news stories about him in some of the tabloids but i don’t really know much about him.

anyway, yes, they do exist …

personally i would never pierce or tattoo or alter my body in any way. though i think most piercings look really cool.

one of my friends got a tattoo except it got badly infected and he had to have it cut out and skin grafted onto his arm from his thigh and it still looks really odd.

I don’t really want any piercings - I think they look cool (well, some do), but don’t really want any myself.

I’d like a tattoo or two though, and will probably get one (or two) when I’m older.

I wouldn’t want my tongue split - and even if I did, I doubt I’d have it done. Mainly cos it can’t be reversed (so you’ll be stuck like that for the rest of yah life).

I have to agree on the eyeball thing, but other than that OMG, I love tats and piercing.What could be more expressive? I have three tattoos so far, afraid to get more cause my tattooer moved to Florida and the last time I added to one they did a real sucky job. But I’m dying to get a Celtic Trinity. I haven’t gotten into pierincings myself, too trendy. But I think but a man with piercings is very sexy. I always have an incredible urge to play with them

yay celtic (i’m scottish by the way :grin:)

“play with them” … play with the man or play with the piercings … :wink:

LOL…both of course :wink:

Well sure, but it’s a look you have to stick to for the rest of your life. (Unless you don’t mind paying a thousand dollars for laser surgery, anyway. :tongue: ) Me, I would never do anything to my body that’s permanent. When you take out earrings and piercings your skin looks almost totally normal and when you dye your hair it can always be dyed another colour later, but you can’t hide tattoos when you get sick of them. And as I said before, I personally think they’re very ugly anyway, especially when they start fading with age. No offence, I just think that unblemished skin is much more sophisticated and sexy.

I also like to change my earrings around to suit my clothes and my hair colour, and every so often I’ll decide to completely adopt a different look. Tattoos are unchangeable, irreversible. I fail to see how it can be a true form of expression when it’s so permanent. The moment one changes one’s mind, wouldn’t it become more of a nuisance? And chances are at some point in one’s life, one is bound to change their mind eventually.

Well actually first the one’s I have can either be hidden or shown and they have some meaning to me and I’ve had a couple for over ten years and I’m still not tired of them. And they are fun too. The evil little shit side of me loves to leave one exposed with all these “proper” people around, the looks are priceless. And you have to maintain them! I don’t have much of a problem because I’m so white but if they fade a little I get them touched up.