body morph

sorrry 2 sound like a noob…but wuts a body morph and how do u do it?thanx a bunch!

I think this refers to changing your body into something else during a (lucid)dream.

Never heard of a body morph… but yeah, it sounds simply like transforming your dream body.

Yeah, I’ve heard people talking about wanting to change into a plant, or a leaf on a tree or something less animal. Sounds interesting.

i’ve read a report that someone did an astral projection and went inside a rock and felt how the rock did etc.
sounds fun!
i would like to grow my penis!

Morphing, Metamorphosis, Transformation or Shapeshifting is when you command your dream body to undergo a radical change into an other form. Here’s an example i would do to transform in a dream:

I stand in front of a mirror, shouting “Transform me into a humanoid tiger!” then let the transformation finish.
Very often to always you will experience the senses of the animal you changed into, i.e a kickass eye-sight from a hawk, or the strength of a bear, dolphin’s sonar and even more.

What i meant about “humanoid tiger” is that i don’t change fully into a tiger, i still keep my brains, but my body changes into that of a tiger’s, still being able to walk on two legs, etc.

Still, the key to this is your iron will and intention of doing it. Also, try not to wear too many clothes when morphing, as when morphing into a minotaur your shoes will hurt your hooves.

Yeah, it can be good. I changed into a kestral in one of my first LD’s.

Shapeshifting is one of my all-time favorite things to do in LDs. I’ve had dreams in which I’ve become a half-bat, a strange alligator/salamander-like creature, and once even a seagull while escaping from some totalitarian goverment soldiers (that was useful! :grin: ). I’ve also, usually inadvertantly, become a DC quite different from myself in appearance; the most common one is a tall teenage male with short, straight blond hair and very regal, blue, purple, and gold clothes, as well as a cape. There’s probably more that I’m not remembering right now; my recall hasn’t been very good of late, and any other instances would probably be very far in the past, requiring me to plumb the murky depths of my dream journal for quite some time.

Regardless, shapeshifting rocks! :content:

I had a dream where i transformed DC’s into animals by just touthing them with finger. They were mad and angry little boys.

When i touched the first one it changed into angry dog and I desided to touch it again and to chage it into rabbit and it worked. So the trouble ended.

I’ve been a wolf, I liked to see how the grey fur started to grow out of my arms…

I’ve only LD shapeshifted thrice! I became a blue werewolf, neo and a mouse in three different dreams.