I am planning on ordering a book on Lucid Dreams off the internet, and I was looking at all the books here on LD4all and i came to the two books i want to get, but i can only afford one at the moment so i thought i would have everyone here on Ld4all decide which one to get for me. Just tell which one is best to start with and tell me which one that will give me quicker/better results. Here are the two books:

  1. Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming

  2. Lucid Dream in 30 days

Which is best to start with?


well since you can just learn about lucid dreaming off the internet, and bendrummin will have a program called infinity coming out in january then you might aswell buy exploring the world of lucid dreaming

I’m quite sceptic about that books that are supposed to teach you something in X days. Everyone is different and especially in the matter of LDs, nothing is guaranteed. So I’d say go for the classic - EWLD that is.

Hmmm. Probably that one i guess. I want to get a LD book to learn more and stuff.

i read ‘exploring the world of lucid dreaming.’ about a week later was when i had a string of lucid dreams every night for a few nights. i didnt really learn much from the book tho…the internet is the best resource.

thanks, im going to get Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming, it sounds best. Thanks for everything, i dont really want it completely on learning how to lucid dream, i mainly want it to learn more about lucid dreaming. Well thanks once again.

Yea if it’s to learn more about lucid dreaming then Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming is definately the one to get