BOOM! Lucidity?

Well, I guess this was a lucid dream… I’m not really sure though, as I’m
always like half-awake :confused:


Me and my friend were walking down a hallway in school. We were leavign the building,
and as we did, we saw a little kid who goes to our school in a car, dressed in a business suit.

It was funny, and I guess we decided that everybody was playing grown-up or something xD

So me and my friend decided to act like an adult, and we started to pretend that we were going
to steal the car (lmfao). I made my hand form into a gun shape, and pointed it him, and we were like
“GET OUT OF THE FUCKING CAR!!!” And we threw him out, but he started to act mad and was like “Come on…”
Or, perhaps he thought we were serious… Anyhow, we gave him his car back.

I had already kinda knew I was dreaming, but I turned to my friend and said:

“DUDE! I’M DREAMING!” then I shouted “BOOM, LUCIDITY!”

I was expecting the dream world to fade away, as everybody had always told me it did.
Everything went blury and I was like pulled into the black void thing, but I rubbed my hands
together, and then I had a false-awakaning. But my bed dream-world (my bed, of course) in the FA was just like
a square in the middle of my eyes, and around that square was the real world, I guess I was already half-awake.
But then, I guess I started spinning around, and I got my dream-world to ‘maximize’, so to say.
I didn’t want to be in my bed, so I thought about a jungle
and I closed my eyes and made like a rising motion with my hands. Then I was in the middle of a jungle,
with a little fireplace to my right, and some big pipes going up trees or something.

I think I like start to go in one, but then, I see my floor, and I know then that I am awake.
(I am on the top-bunk in my room , and when I sleep my head usually leans against the side, so my
first visuals would be the floor below.

I open my eyes and go on with the day. And just for the record, it’s 5 f**ing o’clock in the afternoon!

Talk about sleeping in…

It happened the same with me, when you noticed it was a dream and went to the black void only to have a FA.

Well, the thing is, I’m not entirly sure it was an LD.

I mean, it seems like it’s just me thinking that i’m dreaming and just thinking that I’m ld’ing.

It’s really hard to explain :confused:

I mean, it wasn’t very vivid, and it wasn’t very exciting either.

Did you see any monkeys?