Border between dream and imagination

Hello guys, I had a pretty weird dream last night and I was hoping that someone more experienced could help me with an answer.

So the dream was a perfectly ND up to a point. I was kind of aware that it was a dream, somewhere in the back of my head, but not enought to call it a LD. I was fighting some kind of undead creatures that were atacking me with an oar because I was on a hill next to a beach where there was the wreck of a ship. At one point an American actor, don’t know his name, brings me to kind of bunker where there are many wouded people and I find out that the world had been a wreck for many years.
At this point I start to realise that I was dreaming because among the wounded people there were also two classmates who were not supposed to be there. I still have no control over myself though. So I go to a room next to the first one and lay on a bed for a while. Now I was sure that it was a dream and I tried to control myself a bit and I managed. I got up and tried to read a metal plate on a wall, which I failled because the writing was blurry. At this point the dream became very unclear and I knew that if I were to open my eye, I would wake up. Which I did.

My confussion is of a different type though. All my life I used to lay on the bed and imagine the situations that occured during the day. I imagine how I should / could have acted, what I should have said instead of actually did. And I can recall and manipulate those situations quite vividly. Of course during this process I was always perfectly awake and I can stop at any time.

So right now I am really confused because I am very new to LDs and I don’t know if I had a normal dream or a DILD or if I woke up somewhere along the way and I was only imagining how the dream could have gone one. I don’t know if I actually managed to gain some control over my dream body or I was only imagining since I want to gain control so badly.

I hope somebody could help me with this.

it could be a FLD (fake lucid dream) i have very much of them: you act like a lucid dreamer like doing awsome stuff, but your not really aware. there very stupid and not very handy. maybe you can research some more about FLD 's if you think it is your problem

I don’t think it was a FLD becaus the reason I decided to get up from the bed and try to read the panel on the wall was because I knew in a dream I wouldn’t be able to do it. I know this is a reality check and I wanted to confirm myself that I was dreaming.

OK, so from what I can tell, you may be struggling with false memory.
I have been dealing with this problem myself for a couple of years now. My problem is that I will have a dream and then think that what I did in the dream was real.
What could be happening with you is you are imagining that you were lucid after you wake up. I think this is unlikely, but not impossible.

The way I have been dealing with my false memories is by keeping an overly detailed DJ. Each night I record every dream as soon as I have had it, and in the morning I have a few pages of dreams. Doing this has improved my recall to a point that I still have false memories but they are manageable.

I think that if you work on your recall you will be able to tell the difference between a LD and imagining you have had an LD.

Did this help at all? Was this the question you were asking? Or have I read the post from the wrong angle and tried to answer a question that wasn’t asked?

I understand pretty well what you mean with this border. my 3 first LD’s were, for sure, LD’s: I didn’t have doubt that I was in a dream, which I mean that I was sure that it was not me creating it.
My 3 lasts LD’s althought, I had this clear impression too. When I’m going to sleep, as other people of course, I start thinking about random things until I really sleep. Then, in these LD’s I’m not sure if in some point I started really just thinking it, because as you I’m somewhat really used too to imagine situations IWL ( I’m not sure but I think this is called daydreaming, or maybe this is another thing). these “night/day” dreamings gave me that doubt because after a little time I would just start thinking random and “lost lucidity” what could be lucidity of the dream (going back to ND state) or of the reality (going back to sleep after a quick awakening), depending of what it really was.
Well I just give what I think I knew but I don’t think I can really help with the subject. I think just you can say if it was “day” or “night” dreaming, but I am also not sure neither with mine :tongue: .