Born Natural

i beileve people who say they have LDs almost every night, depending on personality type.

it seems to me that LDing requires mindfullness or a lot of auto suggestion, mindfulness being more useful. mindfulness as in being aware of your awareness as much as possible. i asked someone who lives 5 days a week in a buddhist monestary if they had ever had LDs and they replied “oh of course all the time”

if during the day you pay attention to your attention you learn to notice when your awareness is dreamish, and it builds on itself until you are lucid whenever it is possible to be concious

i guess this is similar (or the exact same thing as) lucid living?

He he! If she was performing RC’s, etc. she wouldn’t be a natural. :wink:

I don’t know if she’s a FLD’er. Having natural LD’s every night seems to me a bit too much (I’m still waiting for TweaK to explain me how he did and how he does no more :wink: ). As some posts said it above, some people may confuse being aware in their dreams and being aware of their dreams, particularly if they don’t pay a great attention to them.

Generally, natural lucid dreamers say that they have often LD’s, they don’t say that all of their dreams are LD’s. If you cannot distinguish between a LD and a ND, it means you’re not a LD’er. And on another forum, there is somebody who claims that all his dreams are LD’s, and obviously he doesn’t know at all what a LD is.

My brother Noah and my sister Tabby both claimed to be naturals once, I asked them how could they possibly always know they’re in a dream and my bro said, “Duh! You can just tell, I mean look at real life and look at dreams, they’re just…different.” I wonder if there’s a part of the brain that distorts your logic during dreaming making us unable to recognize dreamsigns as easily, and if some people don’t just have it. But lucid dreaming is actually a lot easier in children, I used to have them a lot when I was younger before I even knew there was a name for it “lucid”, I’ll ask them when they get older and see if they still have it…

One of my friends has LD’s naturally.

I once asked a him in school if he had ever had lucid dreams before, and he asked me what they were. I explained and he stared at me for a second , then said: “Sure. Every night. Eh?”
I was a bit confused and said:" No, but… wait a minute. Really?"
“Of course. Then you don’t? How can you possibly not know that dream is a dream?” he said. It was a complete surprise to him that not everyone has LD’s naturally.

We talked about it and I felt like banging my head to the desk. That damn lucky boy! >o

lol…I hate natural lucid dreamers, I hate them :cry:

I sort of like not being a natural, so that years from now when I claw my way to the top of the lucid ladder using nothing but spit, gristle, and pure determination, I can look those wimps in the eye and say that I worked for my ability.

But then after not having a lucid dream that night I typically recant and get back to envying them.

My friend said he has lucid dreams all the time… (I don’t believe him though, as the only dreams he’s ever told me about were NDs )
I have them all the time anyway, but it took me alittle while. I have them basically every 2-8 days.

I’m a natural. I thought it was something everyone could do before I came here. I would get 1-2 a month. Using techniques have definately helped though!

Uzumaki and regirock, what you say reinforces my opinion about those people who claim that they have always LD’s. :content:

I have simmilar rate. I sometimes act like i know that i am dreaming, but i am not lucid. It’s like i think “I must remember that when i will wake up”.

I am not a natural, but once i had LD when i wasnt into Lucid dreaming. I didnt had any control (like TweaK), but i was aware of that fact and i controlled myself like in real life.

To me it looks like your friend didn’t understand what a LD is. It’s like he was asking you, if you can differ dreams from reality.

Weird but true story: One day beofre coming onto this forum I had a lucid dream!

I think that there is a lot of confusion for people that have never really had an LD. If like DeadDuck said,

you may think that it was a LD when you hear people talking about LD’s, but it is not. When I am dreaming, I always think that I am controling myself like in RL, but my awarness is different. I accept things that I know can’t happen in real life, like flying, or things changing right befor my eyes.
In an LD you are aware that you are dreaming, that means that you know that what is happening is not real, and that you can change it. I think that this is an important point. The more lucid you are, the more control you have over everything that happens in a dream. I have had a dream where I was flying around, and thought to myself “this is so easy, I will have to try it when I am awake”. That was as most a prelucid dream. I was doing what I wanted in the dream, and was also aware enough fo the fact that I was dreaming to think something like that, but I was not aware enough to realize that “This is a dream, I am not in RL right now, so I can do things that I normaly can’t do”. I thought that I had learned how to fly, and sould be able to do it in RL! :shy: This is not being aware of the fact that you are dreaming! It is a part of the strange logic that we accept in dreams so that we miss all the DS’s that we see. LD’ing is a lot more then that.
That is just my humble opinion.


I dont think that you understood me. I meant that i realized that i was dreaming but i wasnt in LDing and i just didnt knew that i can control more that in real life.
Maybe for you that was obvious. For me not.