Born Natural

I’ve been trying to get a lucid dream for a while now, my recall has become great, but I haven’t been able to have an LD ;(

Anyway, i was speaking to my friend Ben about my frutrations, and he didn’t know what a lucid dream was. I told him what one was and he totally suprised me; he has them every night!

He apparently is very aware in his dreams anyway, and can recongnise abnormality easily. How unfair is this!? :content: meh

Anyone else heard of naturals?

Yes, Some people seem to have a natural ability. I’m not sure why. But i believe anyone can have a lucid dream if they’re motivated enough and practise a lot :smile:

Perhaps you could help your friend improve even more with his lucid dreaming skills by telling him about RC’s, WBTB, MILD etc. Trying to teach other people about lucidity often triggers a lucid dream for me.

Yes, those people are really common! :smile: Especially girls have often natural LD’s. By the way, I suppose that most of them are not fully lucid: they don’t really know intellectually that they are dreaming, but they recognize the feeling of a dream state and they know that they can modify sometimes their environment at will. It’s not such a big difference indeed, and their awareness state is quite the same than in a LD.

I learned about lucid dreaming yesterday and it didn’t took me long to realize I have experienced it before. This gives me a good mentallity, I will have lucid dreams. If it’s not tonight it might be tommorow or next week. But I’m bound to have one, cause I’ve been there without even knowing of it.

I have to say that I’m highly skeptical of those who claim that they lucid dream every night - and not entirely through jealousy :tongue:

I noticed a trend amongst friends and colleagues, and began questioning people randomly about dreaming, always leading the conversation gently towards lucid dreaming. Though it is just my observation - I noticed it often seemed that those who had little to no knowledge or interest in dreaming claimed a high lucidity rate.

I simply put it down to the fact that they had little idea what the difference was between a lucid dream and a regular dream.
Maybe that’s overly skeptical. I do believe there may be ‘natural’ lucid dreamers, but from the number of people who claim to be naturals? I’m not convinced.

Ahhh, skeptic at heart :tongue:
/Snape runs and hides from the ‘boohs’ and rock throwing

I always knew I was dreaming before, but I never had any control nor first person view so I still followed the flow of the dream (since I learnt about LDing, I no longer know that :razz:)

I completely agree with you. Some people, when you explain them what is lucid dreaming, think they are lucid just because they can remember their dreams. As they don’t write their dreams down and just have a vague remembrance of them, they don’t realize that they believe, while dreaming, that their environment is real.

A good example seems to be Tweak. :tongue: Tweak, how can you explain that you were always lucid before knowing LD’ing, and now you know it, you can’t be lucid? :wink:

Yes, I think Snape is right. When I think back about my dreams befor I knew about LD, I rember most of the real vivid dreams, and I know that they were dreams because things happened that just don’t happen in real life. On the other hand I remeber quite clearly one dream that I now know was a pre lucid dream, because I was flying in the dream and thought "this is so easy, I will have to do it IRL and I can’t wait untill I get up tomarrow so that I can try it. I have also had one LD, it only lasted about five seconds :sad: , but it was compleatly different. It was vivid, but I knew that I was dreaming, and I could use that to do things in the dream. At first, I thought that my old dream was an LD, but now I don’t think so, because the thought about dreaming was just a passing thought in the dream and I was not really aware that I was dreaming “in the dream”. Being aware “in the dream” is what makes it a real LD. Then you can start activly doing things, like trying to fly. If you are not lucid, you could never have problems flying, you dream that you are flying, or you don’t. That’s it! No doubts in a ND, just in a LD.

I’m so jealous of the naturals, in about 8 months of trying to LD (On and off) i’ve had two. Thats all I’ve ever had, or remembered.
Plus, all the dreams I could remember before learning about LDing was about 6. I’m almost the complete opposite of a natural lol.

I understand you wanted to use me to prove your point, but no, I actually KNEW I was dreaming, I just didn’t have any control. I never claimed a high lucidity rate :razz:

Yup, being a 'natural’Lucid Dreaming must be quite a gift - one of these inborn positive traits like Ambidexterity or superior talent in some areas. One thing though, when we refer to naturals we usually mean adults or near-adults, but does anyone remember his dreams when he was a children? I, for one, seem to recall that many of my childhood dreams where especially vivid, and somewhat lucid in the sense that I usually had better control on them than now. I seem to recall having read that this isn’t that rare for children. Perhaps most or all of us are actually BORN as naturals, but as we grow many lose this ability possibly because they give less important to fantasy/dreams and focus more on reality?
(BTW: I hope somebody replies here …I get the awkard feeling that, in most active replies where I replic, people suddenly stop posting…It’s like I’m cursed or something :smile: )

I also agree completely. I’ve had several people tell me that they always know when they’re dreaming - and I know they don’t

How I counter-act their claims is ask them why they don’t run around doing whatever they want or trying to fly. They can’t answer this question.

I have to agree. I am what is considered a “natural”, and I can only remember about 5 lucid dreams, the earliest one being fromm when I was 4 or 5.

I’m natural now, but I wasn’t before I sacrificed working 4 years of my life for it. I can now have lucid dreams at will.

4 years? That isn’t too long. 4 years well spent, if you ask me :smile:

I’m confused, didn’t you say you always knew you were dreaming before? Maybe I’ve misinterpreted, but for me that equates to a high rate of lucidity.

Well… we weren’t going to say anything, but now that you mention it :tongue:
Nope, I think you’re just being paranoid :content:
I also remember some vivid dreams from when I was younger Davide, but I put that down to the fact that I only remembered them because they were vivid. I don’t recall that many dreams from my childhood.

Sometimes I wander if I was naturally born with part of it. A lot of times I don’t even try or even forget, and I’m very aware in my dreams to have an LD.

Around 40% of my "try"s for LD are successful. When I don’t even try (I’m very aware in my dreams), I’ll sometimes get an LD. I usually get around 2 to 3 LDs in a week. Sometimes, I even get OOBE or other wierd dreams.

When I prep myself to get an LD sometimes, I’ll sometimes often get deep “strange” (as my friends call it) dreams. Are some of us really born to LD naturally? Did our ancestors practice as well?

I have some Native American in me. I even researched on how Natives and their descents were passed on with gifts of sleeping and dreaming. Some Cherokee tribes talked about how they interacted with spirits in their dreams and how sometimes they would be god of their dreamworld. Maybe our ancestors have passed down the gift to us in blood. Who would really know. Not to mention the Dream Catchers hold their mysterious power, (which I’ll mention on a another topic.)

I’ve been lucky to have lucid dreams naturally but certainly not every night. This person is very lucky. I only have them a few times every year. I’ve tried to train myself to have them more often but I’m just not a person of habit. I can’t remember to do my RC s every day. Good lucky on your lucid dreams.

My friend claims that she can lucid dream and shes been Ld’ing everytime she sleeps. But not only has she never performed a reality check, or performed one regularly, she doesn’t even keep a DJ . . .

Sometimes it’s just not fair.
Maybe she’s a FLD?

I had my first lucid dream naturally without knowing what it was. I researched it and read a wikibook on it which linked me here and found out what it was. I think there are quite a few naturals though…I dunno about people who say they have one every time, but yeah. Since I found this site I have talked to my friends about LD and so far like 2/9 of the people I have talked to said they have had one before. Oen of the people I talked to took a HUGE interest to it and said she had 2 and that her mom thought she was mentally ill. :razz:

Anyways she has joined the forum and about 6/9 people (including her) were interested in LD and may be future members :wink: