both feet on the ground..

do you have to be close to earth to LD?
or is it just a question of recognizing certain signs…?

I mostly live in my own world, where I accept
everything no matter how odd it may seem…
this makes it hard for me to have lucid dreams.
Because I accept that I live in my old appartment
at the nights, that my grandmother is holding her
own funeral and that the murderer from ‘Scream’
kills my friends, when I’m not him, killing my own
mother that is.

I don’t like doing reality checks, it disturbs my way
of living and probably wouldn’t help me…
but I should be able to be lucid anyways, shouldn’t I?

Of course you can LD :cool_laugh: It will take more time for someone, but generally everyone can learn to LD. We all do have “weird” dreams, so the thing about accepting everything that happen in a dream is something we all have to get past.
If you don’t want to do reality checks, there are other techniques you can do, like WILD, MILD etc. I would highly recommend you to do RCs, as it does not only help you to get LDs, but also can be used to confirm that you are dreaming if you should ever be unsure. But anyway, it’s your choice. Nothing wrong about it :smile:

what IS wild and mild?
I’ve never put effort in reading about it.
I’ve had one or two lucid dreams, but I just slip into the
dream after a short while…
I’m too comfortable. :smile: