brainwave cd

Has anyone tried listening to CDs? I stumbled across a site today. It was called awakened minds. They made it sound like it was a peice of heaven. It’s supposed to be brainwave technology as a base with calming music over it. They control your level of consciousness. …I was wondering if anyone has tried these. Do they work?

Can anyone tell me if these CDs are worth it? …They are supposed to help you have lucid dreams, enhance psychic powers, induce projections, etc. …please reply!

Try having a look at:

You could try out the software version. I’ve never found them to help much though! :sad:

Yes, I have tried such CD’s and downloads. They make claims that gaurantee lucid dreams within 20 minutes or less. What they are actually offering is a simple sound track of ocean waves. Also the brain wave generator emanates binaural beats.

Supposedly a different frequency is sent to each ear via head phones. The two frequencies cancel each other out except for the left over balance of the two frequencies which is twelve hertz (cycles). The difference of the twelve cycles per second are to be the controlling factor. This is absolute nonsense.

What they are selling is simply repititious sounds that relax a person or put them to sleep. The idea is that once you are almost asleep, you might be lucky enough to have an LD which rarely happens. They lie when they say they gaurantee LD’s and/or oobes. There are numerous tapes of hypnotism or music or sounds that achieve the same effect. .

However, I believe these can be downloaded for free and I am not talking about a trial period. Go to google and type in astral wave and they will take you there. They are free. No cost to you at all.