Brand Spankin' New Lucid Dream Induction Device

Hey folks,

I had an idea for a new lucid dream induction/incubation device today. Haven’t built it yet (waiting for parts), but it uses a different approach than others I’ve seen – so I thought somebody else out there in interwebs-land might be interested. I’ll post my results once I do build it…

Basically, it uses a small motor to gently pry open your eyelid after a certain amount of time has elapsed – with either a photo or text mounted in front of your eye that would hopefully be incorporated into the dream. An LED would fade in then out to light up the image, before the eyelid would be allowed to close again.

Obviously, the biggest problem is that it has to be gentle enough that it doesn’t awaken you… Then there’s the whole “it just might not work” thing. But I’ve had a few dreams where my eyes cracked open enough that an object (like my ceiling fan) crossed over, so I think it’s worth a shot.

My plan is to use an Arduino attached to a small RC servo that can move precisely through 180’ – which in turn is connected to a padded roller of some sort that rolls the upper eyelid open. The image below sorta shows the idea, and you can simulate the effect just by rolling your index finger slowly on your eyelid…

(and yes, my roller is going to be pink :eh: )

Anyway, that’s the idea – wish me/us luck! :tongue: Figure if everybody comes up with random ideas like this, we’ll eventually stumble on one that works (well)… If anybody has any suggestions… Well, that’s what the “Post Reply” button is for! :tongue:

:eek: That is creepy!

I like the invention though, but it just sounds really creepy. What about people who move a lot in their sleep. Like it seems it could possible work only if the sleeper is a 100% back sleeper.
I’m thinking it could be really uncomfortable if the sleeper rolls to the side.

Hey, baby – wanna see my lucid dream induction device? :nodnodwinkwink:

Yeah… Definitely not something to impress the ladies – although the roller is pink :tongue:

I usually sleep on my back, so I think comfort will be a Step Two type of thing. At that point I could build it into a blindfold/mask designed for comfortable roll overs and which keeps everything concealed (to help with the :scared: factor). The motor(s) could be super tiny…

But determining if it’s viable comes first…