Ok wow…this is amazing. R3TRO and I have just found out…a good portion of our dreams have been shared, and we had no freaking clue. Some of the dreams, we have sepratly…but they are the same. For instance…one night one of us would have a dream…and the next night, the other person would have the same exact dream. The cause of this? Well…we don’t know…but I think it might have something to do with R3TRO trying to hack in to my brain a while back…All we know for sure…is this is some freaky stuff. Here is a convo we just had…that scared the hell out of us both.

Woofnpeter: oh tehre you are i just made a post on the dream journal
BenDrummin58: :smile:
BenDrummin58: i didnt see u on
BenDrummin58: lol
Woofnpeter: ok so anyway back to my dreams
Woofnpeter: lol
BenDrummin58: *gets popcorn
Woofnpeter: umm the othe rnight i dreamed that i was driving with my dad in the rain (just got my permit thought i would practice )
BenDrummin58: lol
Woofnpeter: he told me to go to a store called raleys
Woofnpeter: i dont know if you have those in texas
Woofnpeter: rememeber all of these are lucid
Woofnpeter: ill just give you the jist of them and you tell me ones taht seem anything at all familiar
Woofnpeter: but first let me go get some dinner and bring it back up
BenDrummin58: lol ok
Woofnpeter: that whole dream was about driving
Woofnpeter: so on to the next
BenDrummin58: :cool:
Woofnpeter: my grandparents came over to my house (they live in alabama)
Woofnpeter: i was making my bed, when my mom told me to go downstairs to eat
Woofnpeter: i had never been in this house b4
Woofnpeter: we were all eating around a big table
Woofnpeter: about 12 people
Woofnpeter: after we were done i went back upstairs to take a shower
BenDrummin58: woah
BenDrummin58: hold the phone
Woofnpeter: butr when i went in the bathroom, the walls were covered with spiders and i got scared
Woofnpeter: yeah what?
BenDrummin58: describe the house
Woofnpeter: umm ok
Woofnpeter: i started out in this room
Woofnpeter: the walls were white
BenDrummin58: where the dinner table was
BenDrummin58: describe that area
Woofnpeter: the bed was over in the far right corner
Woofnpeter: oh ok
BenDrummin58: lol sorry if i sound demanding
Woofnpeter: no tahts fine
BenDrummin58: im on to something
BenDrummin58: :smile:
Woofnpeter: the table was a nice dark wooden table
Woofnpeter: there was a schandalere over it
Woofnpeter: i was on the end
Woofnpeter: my dad on the other
Woofnpeter: the island suronded one side of the room
Woofnpeter: i rememebr alot of green
BenDrummin58: ok…
BenDrummin58: umm…
BenDrummin58: i believe you
Woofnpeter: planty stuff
BenDrummin58: this whole thing
Woofnpeter: what?
BenDrummin58: your describing my old house right now
Woofnpeter: RAPE
Woofnpeter: ok now im happy
BenDrummin58: and part of my dream last night
Woofnpeter: ok now im scared
Woofnpeter: RAPE
BenDrummin58: this is a little weird
Woofnpeter: OMGOSHZORZ
BenDrummin58: =-O

I know this really doesn’t prove anything to all you skeptics…but it proves it for us two crystal clear. This really is something weird…and maybe we are on to something that we might not be prepared for…but who knows. Lets see where we go next.


oh and for all of you who are wondering why i said RAPE, for us halo junkies, and online gamers, it jsut means pwned owned kinda thing, jsut a little furthur tahn that.

hope it doesnt offend anyone, i didnt know that this would be posted here at the time :smile:

lol noobs got pwnd :content:

damn, now i’m going to have to mad sure hunt retro out in his/my dreams.

Very interesting, it seems there’s a connection between the two of you. Keep posting your results :smile: