Brian's first lucid dream...

I’ve been a less than frequent poster on this board, but I’ve been reading all the advice. After over a month of trying… it has paid off. Thanks to everyone who posts on here. Okay- enough preface.

Here’s one to put in the baby books along with the photograph of my first step, first word, and first poo:

I was taking an afternoon nap, and after my first dream i either woke up, or dreamed that I was waking up, but instead of getting up to record my dream, i decided to try WILD. Almost instantly I felt a fast wind around me, i could feel it flowing, and hear it rushing. It was quite frightening! Then all was calm, and I felt myself in my bed again. I wondered if the I was frightened awake, and I sat up and pushed the covers off of me. Things didn’t seem like they did when I normally wake up, and so once I got out of bed, I decided to do an Reality Test by jumping. Lo and behold i floated off the ground! I felt sort of weighed down and I swam through the air, like I was in water instead of air, but never the less I tried to progress towards the window.

It was so glorious, that I woke up after about 10 precious seconds of dream. One thing I remember was that my sense of touch, and hearing were quite active in my dream, but my vision didn’t seem to be 100%.

Congrats with your first LD!! :partying_face: It’s pretty amazing that your first LD was some sort of a WILD.

Keep 'em coming! :cool_laugh:

Yeah good job man i had my first a week ago!