Brilliant dreams+lucid dreamer

Hey guys, I’ve recently come into possession of both the Brilliant Dreams and lucid dreams aids. I have two questions. Firstly,the bottles say to take one
Right before bed time,but I hear that doin so tampers with your natural sleep cycle. I would just like some input on that. Secondly if it’s efficient to take before bedtime, would there be any consequences in say, taking one two hours or so
Before bed and then the other when about to depart
Into sleep?

I also use LD pills and from my experience i can say that these pills do work!!! They made me lucid after a very long time and even if it didnt make me lucid sometimes still i d get vivid dreams. But its always advisable to take these pills after 5 hours of sleep. This is because, if you take it before bed time it tampers with your natural sleep cycle and you may get micro awakenings and bizzare dreams like nightmares. I havnt personally tried it out but have read from testimonials of other users.

What are these pills exactly? Can any of you provide with more on these? thanks

@ Castenda : These pills containe a mixture of Galantamine and choline. Usually 4mg of Galantamine and 200 mg of choline in one capsule. These are used to treat Alzhiemer patients and its profound effect on dreams are noticed. For some people they may not work in isolation but combining with other techniques like WILD and MILD will give good results.

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@TymanKaz5, my advice would be not to take anything before going to bed. Our bodies require time for regeneration and rejuvenation which take place during Delta sleep and that occurs mostly in the first two to three sleep cycles. After that Delta sleep gets gradually replaced with REM sleep.
I’ve had the best results taking dreamamins after 4-5 hours of sleep, then doing a WBTB. But be advised - Galantamine takes around 90 minutes to get absorbed into bloodstream, so make sure you still have enough time for sleep and dreaming.
Best of luck with your attempts! :good:

Okay,so better to take these after a little sleep? Great, I’ll try it out and let you guys know how it goes! Thanks for the help.