Bringing Artwork Back from LD

Over at dreamviews, I have posted ‘plans’ (ideas) for a device that may be able to bring back artwork, writing, ect… from LD’s. While dreamviews does have their technical people, I’m sure LD4All does too, and I would like to present the idea to those of you here. Additional ideas, theory, and
critisism is encouraged, no matter what your skill level. I will now post the first post on that thread here, and then a link where you can find the thread at dreamviews:

I read this and came up with a neat idea:

The ability to bring artwork back.

Well, you would have your brainwave monitor hooked up to your eyes, and your wrists, modulate the voltage and store it onto a cassette while you sleep.

When you are LD’ing, you could have a big white space as your canvas, focus with your eyes on the point of which you want colored. You would then clench your fist and imagine a black mark on the white space.

The position of the eyes and clenches of your fist recorded on the tapes would then be able to be demodulated by a computer, and recorded as coords and time intravals respectivly. Then the data would be printed out on the coords your eyes were on at those times you clenched your fists. Get what I’m saying?

If you want to get more complicated, you could control the color by your breath. I know it sounds odd, but you could monitor nasal airflow to corespond to color with this table:

|        Color       | Red | Orange | Yellow | Green | Blue | Violet | 
|   Wavelength (nm)  | 701 |  610   |  587   |  535  | 473  |  423   | 
|   Breath Time (s)  |  7  |   6    |   5    |   4   |  3   |   2    | 

The rate at which you breathing (inhale and exhale in seconds) would almost be nm*10^-2 , but since it is a bit hard to count to “five and thirty-five tenths one thousand”, I had to mess with the numbers for green, blue, and violet. So, if i was to take a breath once in six seconds, I would record blue. This data could also be recorded on a tape.

While being a difficult thing to do in a lucid dream (as well as in waking life), this could be a very good way to bring artwork back from the dream world.

Does anyone want to help me with this project? I need more information and some schematics for the brainwave monitors, and someone lucid enough in a dream to actually carry this out. I can do the programming and electronics work. It would be so cool to see a device like this work!

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And here’s a link:

Thanks, and greetings from Dreamviews!

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How about just using 1 sensor to record only 1’s and zeros? Maybe the 1’s and zeros, along with dream intent might generate a graphical bitmap, like a gif image. Sort of like the “Rainman” movie about autisim, he counted toothpics and performed large calculation with just his thoughts.

334 paintings form lucid dreams,

Quite an interesting idea. My own suggestion would probably be a little more dependant on the use of hands (despite their limited functionality during sleep). The left hand would act as a “switch” that controls whether or not subsequent eye movements are to be drawn, while the right hand sets color. A single twitch of the right hand will set the color to whatever has been designated as number 1 - probably black. Two twitches, independent of timing, would change to the second color, and so on. As long as the twitches are closer than a second or two apart, they’ll count as a single color change. In order to draw with the specified color, the dreamer simply has to twitch her left hand to initiate “draw mode”, then trace the intended image with her eyes. The machine would naturally map this, and draw the appropriate line or curve in tandem with the dreamer’s eye movements. When the subject wishes to stop drawing, they’d simply trigger the left hand control again, ending the current session and allowing them to look about freely without recording anything to the image in progress. To assist in giving the dreamer some feedback about what’s happening, the machine would produce different tones to indicate a change of color, and the start and end of a drawing session. These tones would be clearly audible from within the dream, without waking the subject.

I imagine the most difficult part of this to build would be the eye-tracker. Current visors with the ability to detect eye movement don’t actually map the position/direction of the eye, just that it’s actually moving. We’d need to be able to reliably determine the angle of the eye to a very high level of accuracy. Also, I imagine there would be a large responsibility on behalf of the dreamer to discipline their use of hand movements. No amount of calibration could effectively determine whether a hand movement was intentional or not, so the dreamer would inadvertently be forever changing colors, or starting/stopping a drawing session at the inappropriate time. I think those issues could be resolved, though.