Bringing stuff with you

Has anyone experimented with bringing knowledge directly from the real world into the dream world? I recently broke my foot and I dreamt that night (non-lucidly) that my foot was not broken and I made notice of this even though it had just happened earlier that day. I started thinking about the implications of this and I think it would be particularly valuable if someone were to die and become lucid… it would be a good time to try to prolong lucidity as long as possible! Some things seem to be easier than others, such as remembering to carry out experiments (often because this is remembered for some length of time until the experiment is carried out), but has anyone been able to bring something as recent as new a few hours before the LD? Just curious if anyone has figured out any shortcuts to make this easier.

hey double-o-darko,

it might be that im just slow, but could you explain a bit more about what you mean? it sounds interesting but i dont quite understand.

I don’t think it’s any big deal really. It has happened at least a few times for me.
But if you really wanna remember something in your next lucid dream. Do WBTB and then WILD, all the while keeping the information in mind. That must be the best way to bring it into the dream.

I was just wondering if anyone had figured out any “short-cuts” to bringing items that are in a dreamer’s short term memory, as compared to a dreamer’s long term memory, with them into the lucid dream world. Basically, being able to remember stuff that just happened right before the dreamer fell asleep. I think this would be just another step in bridging the gap between these two seemingly different worlds and states of consciousness and I was wondering if anyone else had made attempts at this. Still confused? Sorry if so I sometimes have a hard time explaining concepts like this that are a little more abstract…

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Um, I think I understand the concept of your question but I don’t think that I have experienced it as directly as what you are talking about. (as in, same day something happens that translates over to the dreamworld)

The first thing that comes to mind for myself is that I got a piercing and in less then a week later it started to appear in my dreams as a part of my dreamself. It was my first piercing and I took it as a spiritual journey. I think the importance I placed on it may have caused it to appear in my dreams.

Then not so long after that I came across a blank store front in my dreams, and I sort of colored it in to look like the place I went to IRL. It was different in the sense that you could only buy jewelry in the dreamstore and not get pierced there. Now DC’s that find it can get some nifty jewelry :smile:

I know this is more of a long term example, so sorry if its a bit off topic. I enjoyed what you had to say about bridge-ing the gap, and that inspired me to share :smile:

oh yah, and again, welcome to ld4all!

Thanks for the welcome! Been looking for something alike this on the net for a long, long time… it’s nice to be here!!

hehe dont worry i do understand now. i just wanted to check i had it right is all. i would probably say that krakatoa has it right, but also if its a lucid dream then maybe you can like…connect having a lucid dream with the thing you want to remember? then when your in the dream you might remember it…if that makes sense