Bringing the energies of the Dreamspell to life!


The term Dreamspell, as well as referring to the codes/signature energies used in the 13 Moon Calendar, also refers to the common dream we are living here on Planet Earth. In Lucid Dreams, we know that the world around us reacts to and is informed to a certain degree by our own personal energy/thoughts/and intentions.

To really live the Dreamspell/13 Moon Calendar, it’s best to discover new ways of bringing the daily energies ot life. This can be a fun and engaging process. Perhaps we can gather some ideas, for things we have done to help us not only understand the calendar, but also live by it.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Start a dream journal, mapped to the Dreamspell/13 Moon Calendar date. Watch and explore the synchronciites that unfold. Interpret your dreams, and perceive them through the “lens” provided by the signature energy for each day. If you manage to follow the calendar for a few months, you build up an overalying pattern of dreams for particular kin, and can begin to track and epxlore the relationships between each moment in your life. Very cool! Really synchronisesx the inner and outer worlds.

  • There are also many daily meditations, aimed at bringing the mind into harmony with the rhythms of the Dreamspell. For some this might take the form of visualisation exercises, allowing the energy of the day to stream in from above, attuning to it’s nature. For others it might be good to simply read out the daily affirmation poem.

  • I also like to try recording the dreamspelld ate in all my school books, etc. It’s fun. Sometimes, you might get a strange look, but most people just seem to find it interesting, and it’s always interesting to expand people’s udnerstanding of the nature of time, and make them aware that it doesn’t have to be perceived in such a strictly linear manner.

  • You might try connecting to the symbolic energy of the glyph, image itself, allowing your consciousness to tune into the keywords of each day. Possibly even writing them down,a nd allowing yourself to think about them.

  • You could also try miniature ceremony type things, like lighting a candle, etc. Holding the intention, to attune to the energy of the day. Though the Dreamspell is not the Mayan calendar but rather a modern application of it’s mathematical codes, it’s interesting to note that the traditional Maya have kept fires burning for over 1000 years, in honour of the traditional day-count and it’s energies.

There are so many possibilities, and each person will have their own way of tuning in. Which do you like the sound of? perhaps you have some ideas of your own, that you’d like to share with us?


Hey everyone! Here’s an idea I thought up a few days ago: every day, draw something that is related to the galactic signature of the day. I decided this could be a new thing for me with the start of a new cycle of the Harmonic Module. I started with a dot in the middle of a piece of paper, then drew a curve. I made sort of a swan-like thing with lightning bolts shooting out of it, with a sun setting in the background.

This picture was for the Red Magnetic Dragon (kin #1) and the sun in the background represents the last day of the cycle, Yellow Cosmic Sun, setting in the background.

I used only a black pen for drawing :smile: so it’s not really that creative… I’m going to college this fall, and my parents are buying my a tablet pc, and one of the programs on it lets you draw and make art, so once I get that, I’ll probably be drawing a lot and posting my pictures on my website of each “day” that I draw :smile:

:wink: I began to draw small pics for every kin, too. They are extremely ugly, but I like them.