Building your own Novadreamer-like goggles

Hello, I’ve just finished construction of a novadreamer-clone called Kvasar. If you are interested in building a pair of your own, go to and then to Kvasar in the menu on the left. Total material cost is about 15 euro, but you will need basic soldering/electronic skills and the ability to program a PIC16F84 microcontroller. This is a totally self-contained device that runs off a couple of AAA batteries and have a lot of user adjustable settings like number/time/intensity of cues, adjustable dreamalarm etc. I’m by no means an experienced lucid dreamer, but during the short time I’ve used this device it seems to be working perfectly(is gives a good number of cues during a night, but recognizing the cues is a different story!) so if someone else feels like building a Kvasar, please do so and let me know how it works!


Björn Brindefalk

Ps. Sorry if I managed to post this in the wrong forum. If that is the case, I apologize.


I think I spotted an error in your circuit diagram though; should the 1k resistor below Switch B be connected to the wire on its right side? This is a great idea, and I think I am definitely going to try constructing one in about a month when I return to school. I have a few questions though, so I’ll probably be sending you an email in a while, when I begin working on this. You’ll hear from me. Thanks for sharing your design!

Ah yes. I was in a hurry when I made the diagram. The 1k resistor should go to the wire on the right. Also, the limiting resistors to the left and right led should be 150k, and the the resistor to the IR-LED should be a 1k trim-pot. I will put up a correct version shortly.

Hi, I really would like to build my own goggles. thanks for putting time into coming up with the plans, but I can’t seem to load up the picture of the schematics. Could you do me a really big favor and email me that picture.

I’d really appreciate it! Keep up the good work!!

Sweeeeeeet, looks awsome dude!
Looking at this, you look like the type of person who can help me with my Electronics course work :grin:
:gni: Just kidding dude.

Are you Swedish Brindefalk?

I study electrics, but it would be easier if the instructions was in swedish. Do you have em in this language?

Yes, I’m swedish. However, the instructions were written directly in english, but if there is something you have diffuculties understanding just drop me a mail and I will explain in swedish.


Björn Brindefalk


I am starting to make one of my own but one thing confuses me (I am just a beginner in electronics so probably some difficulties are expected before this works :bored: )

when the programmin of PIC16F84 takes place with the ek-programmer, do I need only the software or will I have to build also the device which is described in Ek projects?

My guess is that the software is enough, but as I said, just the beginner you know

Well, you do have to build the programmer. I guess this can be quite a project in itself if you are not experienced, but it is also possible to buy premade programmers from different sources on the net. On the other hand, if you start by building the programmer, you will find it much easier to build the actual goggles…



I managed to build the programmer and I programmed the PIC16f84. I have also bought all the other parts needed in this. then I designed board with Eagle-software! my opinion is that this electronics-building-hobby is guite fun!
to be continued…