Burning question about beginner LD'er

Hello everyone,

a couple years ago I had my first lucid dream, I felt so lucky after trying for many times. I remember i controlled some of it but i woke myself out of excitement. It felt really dissapointing because i knew i had to be careful with excitement, i learned to control this by just looking at my hands…

After all this time i was focussing on remembering my dreams and i created an sort of ‘realise trick’ to become lucid. I force myself to look at my hand and count my fingers in real life and I try to breathe through my nose when i sqeeze it. This works for me, but there is one problem.

Most nights, i become lucid, often because when i think im sleeping, i sqeeze my nose and suddenly i can breath. then i realize im lucid. But every single time when i do that, i just wake up… the exciment its gives me and it sort of gets me by suprise, followed by, just waking up.

do i need to change something and how can I control my emotions more after realizing i am lucid? pls help.