Butterfly effect.. seriously

OK. i just watched the movie the butterfly Effect… and I found it so interesting. I am absolutely dumfounded. It really made me think… I actually think that something like that could be possible… but that is just me.

I want to hear everyones ideas about this. and the whole process of it. I don’t really know how to explain what i am trying to say… it is hard. but i just find this movie to be very real to me. I hope i don’t sound like some nut case that cant tell fact from fiction… but seriously… tell me what you guys think about the whole butterfly effect movie and the process and effects of it if you think it could happen. thanks

if you liked it you MUST see

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

and Donnie Darko. (not entirely related to what he was doing, but … you need to see it)

I might go get the dvd, it was a good film, I want to see it again.

I’ve been meaning to see that. I’ll have to rent it and let you know what I think.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind & Donnie Darko just happen to be my two favorite movies. I really do think anyone into dreaming or movies that make you think to go see them both. Especially Donnie Darko, I only own one movie on DVD and Donnie Darko is it. I will buy Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind once it comes out though. :grin:

I don’t think The Butterfly Effect is at all possible. There is no way to read words and go back in time for a short period of time, that is just absurd.

im sorry to say, but its not possible the butterfly effect is attucly some sort of chaos thoery, it has to do with weather, like i think its something like this… if a butterfly flaps it wings in lets say texas it with make a herocain, its something like that, i attucly looked into it becuase i myself am a fan of that movie, and sorry that my spelling sucks

I don’t think that is at all possible. That’s saying we could all walk one direction and change the rotation of Earth. It just can’t work in those proportions.

it is possible…

for example, you have a bonfire, some place gets fogged in smoke… some man driving in a covertible gets a coughing fit while driivng, slams into a school, kills lots of people.

things like that.

it basically illustrates that any thing done has an effect on something else, which in turn has an effect on something else, etc, etc,

and why do you like DD? Do you think you can build a time machine out of a jet engine? What Ashton did in that movie was never claimed to be “true” and “real science”

it simply illustrated how the "butterfly effect’ works by showing how very little actions he took drastically altered his future.

hello i’m back i was gone for a while setting up that new seti@home boinc thingy but some people don’t know what the hell that is so its er ah who cares, anyway
i think all people are like computers if you give them a question they will produce a certain answer which will differ according to the circumstances eg. (normal day)are you ok? yes
(their arm broke)are you ok? no
and certain circumstances create certain actions that people will do which will affect other peoples actions thus the butterfly affect thus fate is predictable eg.if you were VERY smart you could predict stuff like, i do this which will make someone do that which will make him do that so she will do this and that will make that thing roll along and hit someone making them do this and him do that
and also something must of happened to make the very smart person think to do that also
EVERYTHING you do has an effect on something or someone even if you are just sitting there and you raise your arm then put it down where noonecan see or hear you for example it will cause air particles to move different ways which will make one of them hit someone but if you didn’t raise your arm they would have one less particle hit them but like one particle won’t make much of a difference but you get the idea
i’ll try and see that film

Everything has cause and effect, but I doubt anything can really influence a hurricane. If something obvious could cause a hurricane, we would be able to stop them.

By the way, I have to mention another movie I really liked. I don’t know if you people would like it or not, but if you ever have the chance, check out the movie Pulse. Good stuff.

i know what you mean but its a theroy, i forgot how it goes tho, but something along thoes lines

The idea of the butterfly effect of chaos theory is that there’s a really small chance that a really small event could, through some odd chain of events, cause a very large event (sure, a hurricane!). It could be a butterfly flapping it’s wings in Texas, it could be a dragonfly in Australia. It could be anything, any minute little event. Even though there’s a ridiculously low possibility, the point is that it’s possible.

As far as the films go, I haven’t seen the Butterfly Effect but Donnie Darko and Eternal Sunshine are extremely cool.

so i was basicly right :-p

ok now have I seen Donnie Darko and i did not understand anything :ack: … So I think that I have mist something :confused:

Were every thing just imaginations the momente hi die?? Could he travel in time? And about the rabbit ??? :happy:

Could any one explane fore me plz :help: … Every one seems to like it so I want to understand :tongue:

It is meant to be a movie to make you think.

Took this down because I guess I’m an ass.

Ok thanks :grin: u made me unserstand a bit more :smile: I think i have to see it again to understund all of it :eh:

i’m not shure about this but im pretty shure the whole butterfly-hurricane thing is proven science, it is possible. personally i think it’s pretty awesome, one small, “unimportant” life makes profound difference. and thats undeniable. think about how many things u do in your life, and all of them start a chain reaction of different events. it’s like that old christmas movie (4got wut its called), only im willing to bet the impact goes even farther. neway thats my 2 cents.

seriously people, DO NOT POST SPOILERS

especially for a movie (DD) that is not mentioned in the thread title, please, please, do not do that.

They make me want to go on a muderous rampage, fortunately I’m good at avoiding them, and I’ve seen DD, but some people here probably haven’t.

I haven’t but i tried to skip that post, is it really that good?