Buzzing sound in dream

Just last night I started hearing this annoying buzzing sound in my dream. It itched and tickled a little bit. In the dream when the buzzing sound went off I remember saying in this dream “It has something to do with my childhood…” and when I woke up the sound immediately stopped and my ears did not hurt anymore. I’m pretty sure this is not tinnitus but I might have to check just in case. I’m pretty sure it isn’t though because it only happened in that dream. Anyways my grandmother said she had the same thing, and that it has to do with your nerves. Hmmmm…

Every time it happens do an RC, its a good way to see if the sound is a dream or not. This should help, why suffer of the dream when you can know it?

Never heard of this… try talking to a doctor, in any case :smile:

Why? It could just be a sound created by the dream with no physical cause at all.

wierd, maybe its that buzzing in your ear that people get that annoys the heck out of them for a minute? or a cell phone was ringing or something