C-WILD Amazing technique

That sounds strange. Maybe you don’t remember it? I don’t know what you could try, other than someone else who hears alarm clocks and wakes you up. Or a really close and loud alarm.

Emm… I have got really loud alarm in phone, which lies under a pillow, so…:smile: I don’t know what to do.

Wow I never expected this thread to take off. I haven’t tried the technique, so it is still pretty unrefined.

This technique originally for me was just for when I woke up in the night unententionally, this will vary on how often it happens for each person. I can’t use an alarm in the night because of my parents living in the house, hence I have never tried it by forcing myself to wake up, however I guess that it would work the same.

To answer lauris because you have just woken up then you can fall asleep again very quickly (within 5 seconds.), and if you can continue to count in your mind whilst your body has fallen asleep you have succeeded in the basics of WILD, by opening your eyes and doing an RC you are trying to force your body into a false awakening.

I will try and answer any more questions in a minute, I just have to go off and do something for the next hour, will type more after that.

When you wake up in the morning you can fall back to REM sleep very quickly (we’re talking seconds here), so theoretically the counting can keep you aware until you have fallen asleep again. :grin:

Small question…How fast do we have to count? I read that someone simply counted their breathes up to 100…But I’m not sure. I tries it that way and at around 60 I started to feel my heart beating faster. But I also think that I stayed up too much when I woke up…

I just count seconds, counting breaths could be a possible problem as it is a connection with your physical body and stop you falling asleep.

I have had the most success doing it as soon as I wake up in the night, not waiting any time atall, when I do that it works after only about 20 seconds, if I try and count any longer than that I tend to just fall asleep while still counting.

Oh ok…I guess I should count seconds instead then ^^ Not sure if I’ll be able to remember to count the instant I wake up though…Hmm I’ll see what I can do. Thanks ^^

Wow, This is the kind of technique I’ve been looking for! A technique that doesn’t take too long, and doesn’t require much effort. Over the next week or two, I’ll practice this and DEILD. I’ll keep you up with my progress, and say if this works or not for me. Thanks!

Today I tried the normal WILD technique. After SP I started feeling vibrations and scratching noise but I didn’t know what to do. Should I open my eyes? Because when I did, nothing was different and I tried to do a RC but it didn’t work. :cry:

I put my alarm clock to 6:00 am and I tried to do the C-WILD, but I fell asleep. :tongue:
I did have some vivid dreams.

Some help, please? :help: :confused:

I’ve had a couple of successes with this technique. Although, I didn’t actually WILD, I ended up lucid in the dreams either immediately or half way through. I guess the counting became associated with being lucid and that was imprinted to the subconscious just before sleeping.

You probably should have kept your eyes closed. When the SP occurred it sounded like you were experiencing the hypnagogic imagery, which you just need to watch until it turns into the scene of a dream.

Whenever i get lucid, i just know i am. Never need to do an RC.
Why do some people not feel that?

Also, when i do a WILD i just lay down, and try to go back to sleep. Always works for me, after im passed a specific REM Stage.

Although for fun i tried a few RC’s when lucid, was pretty funny to actually see or /feel that it was exactly what is described, for example the Light switch, finger through palm, looking at your hand (I have 6 fingers, always) =p And… i think i tried mirror too, but there was nothing in the mirror.
Creepiest RC there isxD The mirror RC.

It probably has to do with the level of lucidity you have. You seem to be lucky enough to get lucid and have a decent level of lucidity. Some people (myself included sometimes) when they get lucid it’s more of a feeling that it MIGHT be a dream, but the RC is then needed to be sure (sometimes even after the RC I’m not completely secure to fly out the window :lol: ).

I am definitely going to try this tonight, lets see how it goes :woo:

pure genius!!

Been trying this, but am always to tired and fall asleep almost instantly. Need to get more normal sleep before I can get lucid. This seems like it would be effective though.

Does anyone else find it REALLY hard to count in your head when you are tired?
When I attempt this technique in the early morning I sometimes lose count as early as 10, and then I retry once or twice and lose count again.

10? I sometimes lose count at 3 :rofl:. It can be hard indeed, I don’t know what else to say… :neutral:

This technique got me a pretty cool LD.
I was literally falling asleep but staying conscious. It was an amazing feeling, no SP though…

It happened when I woke up after some time sleeping and then immediately applied the technique.

Hey I just have a quick question. So if you wake up in the middle of the night you just lay there and try to count to 100? Or do you have to WILD? New to LD so this might be a dumb question :razz:

Basically you want to try to remain aware to some extent so that you bring with you some of that awareness into the dream.
You can do that in several ways, but counting in your head is one fairly popular way to remain aware.

Another classic is to repeat to yourself “the next time I’m dreaming, I will realize that I’m dreaming” over and over as you fall asleep, until you really feel that you mean it and have your mind clearly set on that intention.