C-WILD Amazing technique

I don’t think this techniqe has an acromyn yet but I think It deserves one.
I found out about this when I tried The Infinity software. The WILD technique they say it when you wake up in the night to go back to bed while counting to 100. Once you get to 100 open your eyes and get out of bed do an rc and you should be dreaming. If not then try again and go a little higher (120?) Keep doing this until:

  1. You get bored and want to actualy sleep.
  2. You have a ld.

I have used this technique for a week now and I have had about 1 ld every 2 days down to it allone.

(I do not say in anyway that I made this technique I just think that it is amazing and that more people should know it.)

Thanks ill try it tonight.:smile:

Simple, straightforward, mind blowing. Brilliant!

Do you count out loud or quietly in your head?

Sounds good to me. I’ll definitely try this out.

you count in your head.

If counting keeps someone awake,they can just wait 5 minutes (just as an approximation, you will have to guess since you can’t use any alarm of sorts, just do it every now and then) to do a RC, then if it isn’t a dream, repeat.

This is something I’ve done before! Cool to see someone posting about it.

I remember when I was little I would do this. I would count myself to sleep. Always my goal was to count to 100. I never remember getting past 60 when I would soon find myself in a lucid dream. Though I didn’t know the phrase “Lucid Dream”, I just knew, “I am now in the place where I can play how ever I want until I wake up!”


hey lbsf1 what rc do you use?

Do you have to get out of bed to RC or can you sit up in your bed to RC?

Im wondering the same and also the question before you. What RC do you use and do you keep laying down, sit up or get out of bed when doing the RC?

To answer your question. I sit up in bed and do the rc. Then if it is sucessfull (I’m dreaming) I then get out of bed. If the rc fails :sad: then I try it again. I do this because getting up to do the rc would wake you up more and might jepordies further ettempts.
The rc’s I use are.

  1. Nose rc. (Hold your nose and try to breath in you can’t in real life but in a dream you can)
    At this point I would get up if it was sucessful.
  2. The push your thumb through your hand.
  3. Count your fingers (In a dream your hand is either blurry or has 6 fingers.)

By then I’m ussually pretty sure I’m dreaming if I’m still not convinced I try walking through a wall. The last thing you want to do is to jump out of a window irl. So remeber to do more than one rc.

You probably have to move to do a RC, but it’s suggested to move as little as possible, so you can get asleep faster after it. So no getting out of bed (unless you can manage to still fall asleep in a single time period, of course :tongue:)

Ok thanks!!!

A non moving RC:

Wear a sleep mask to bed.
Of course be aware and remember that you went to bed with a sleep mask.

Open your eyes for the reality check.
Can you see your room?
Or will yourself to see through the mask?
If so , then you must be dreaming. If not, close your eyes and continue your routine.

Sadly, I have a feeling this isn’t going to work, as this is rather a FA-specific RC. Sure, you could always see the room at one point, but if you think you shouldn’t, then you won’t really see it (dreams can also be visual-free). So it’s unreliable, at best. It’s better to stick to more reliable RC’s, like the nose or clock one, that require small movements (such as moving your eyes on and away from the clock, or keeping your hand close to your nose so you only have to pinch).

Is every WILD attempt create a short lucid dream. or can WILD be long?

hmmmm foxyChor,

The sleep mask check would have to require awareness and the hope that it is with the true meaning of WILD, that is, that there would have to be no break in consciousness and you would have to periodically keep checking, But yeah, the mind plays too many tricks, too much room for this to go wrong for a non-moving RC. If you have that common tricky mind, then for get that one! :content:

Well, back to the topic of Counting for a WILD:

in general it is a good method as long as it doesn’t keep you awake.(maybe you could count softly and slowly as you count in your mind, like make it hypnotic)

As for the reality check, what has worked for me was basically just intuitively knowing that I consciously entered into a dream straight away. That’s usually how WILD works: since there is no break in consciousness you should just know that you entered a dream straight away.

Like as you count the next number you may say it in a distorted way, which could mean that you are in a dream or that you should just pay more attention to being clear about what you are doing.

Best of luck everyone who attempts to count themselves into a lucid dream.

I’m gunna have to try this tonight! I’ve never posted before but I’ve been around some other LD sites, I haven’t had an LD yet but I’ve been trying a lot of different techniques I’ll see how this one works.

This sounds nice, I’ll try this. However I’ll have to awake up first hmmm…

Oh’ btw, as for nonmoving RC has anyone tried sensing their flow? Being a huge meditation guy, energy flow is fairly easy for me to recognize. :razz: