Calea Z being tested

Hi, I’m new to the group.

I’ve been growing calea Z for a few months and have had some mixed results. One gram powdered and swollowed in a gel cap did nothing. Lately I’ve had continuous short, non eventfull dreams when a water extract (tea) of 4g was drunk and also when an alcohol tincture of 7g was injested. On each occasion I would awake after dreaming, and then would dream again. This continued throughout the night. I did not feel any exhaustion the next day. I did not attempt to have a lucid dream.

Tonight I will drink an extract made from about 12 frozen fresh leaves, chopped up in a blender, and extracted in a fridge for 24 hours in water. This is to see if the drying of the calea is detrimental.
Anyway I’m not totally convinced that the calea is responsible, since I’ve had such nights before, so I need to experiment further.

I’ve had my leaves tested by a chemist using a HPLC. To anyone unfamiliar to this device, it separates most of the compounds in the extract and gives a ‘fingerprint’. I’ve tested a water,ethanol and acetone extract so far. I have plenty more research to do but I need to grow more of the plant.
Here is where I need your help. I would like someone out there, who has had very positive experiences with their calea , to send me a very small sample (1-3 leaves only!) of their calea. Preferably I need someone who has had very positive experiences from one batch and nothing from another to send me a sample of each. I will be able to get these tested to see if the fingerprints are identical.
I’m in australia but don’t let that worry you as a normal envelope will be sufficient to carry the few leaves I need for the analysis. Each run costs me $40 so I really need samples which have proven themselves to either work well or not at all for one experienced person.

If you think you may be able to help, please email me.
All results will be shared here, unless the person who donates the samples would rather have the information to themselves.


I can get you some, but my current bag is empty. I think my supplier uses the same plants every time, but I’m not sure.


How is your supplier anyways…I am growing mine…I can’t wait to try it…

Thanks Davion, I’d really appreciate that. Next time you order some, test some out to see if it is active or not. I’ll send you my address and you can send me 2 or 3 leaves. We’ll see how it compares to my one when analyzed.