California Realizing -- help Q&A move to USA

As some of you know, my husband (A) and I (Q) want to move to California. The only thing that I need is a job offer so I can have my visa and move to California.

I’m planning to work as a web designer / artist / creative person.

I put together my portfolio on

Show it to your friends/relatives/business contacts/everybody you know in California :smile:

Any other advice/help is most appreciated :smile:


I thought it was Questions & Answers; but anyway i wish you good luck not only with the moving but with the job.
Im an artist myself but in my country i won’t find a related job that easily so i suppose i’ll do the same as you. Im planning to move to USA after finishing College so i could make a living out of working as a general artist.

P.S. i don’t know if it’s my gay browser or your site.

Edited: It was my browser; my first impression was EXCELLENT WEBPAGE DESIGN!

Wow i didn’t know you worked on so many projects and these awards. THEY should give you a job!Q go for it! you have my support!

Nice designs. It seems you are qualified for any number of jobs I am surprised that you have not found anything yet. You have been working on this for a long time. Have you had any leads at all?

Thanks CD :happy:

milod: I’ve applied to a lot of jobs, but I think they prefer locals :confused: The portfolio site is recent, and I hope that will pull ppl across the line to hire me (or how does that saying go in english). What do you mean by “any leads”?

Have you tried any of the video game companies. I think they hire people just for some of the art work in their games and from what I hear they pay very well.

By leads I mean: any jobs you were interested in or employers interested in you.

I just came accross this thread from your signature Q :smile:

I just wanted to wish you good luck, and tell you that I hope you find a good job. Living in California would be fun :happy:

PS - I like all those websites you did, they all seem to give the same feeling that LD4all doesn, a nice, friendly, happy feeling :smile:


Q, you did some BIG sites… I NEVER knew you did those o_0

Also didn’t knew you did that much with De Telegraaf :happy:

thanks josh & fadem :happy:

you are old enough to maybe have visited sinternet when you still believed in sinterklaas? :grin: :tongue:

at the moment i’m busy adding a gallery for my paintings and pictures. :smile:

the gallery is up :happy:

finally you can see some artwork. You will probably get a deja vu feeling with some of the paintings :wink:

My fav is “Landscape” and “stairs” among others.

P.S. Pasquale comes from the italian Pascal that means “Easter”(pascua to us)

Impressing paintings ! :thumbs:
My favorite is Survey

*/me dances around in front of his computer

There are some problems in the layout. The “last” button is on the right too much and goes out of the border. Some pictures comments too.

Anyway, very good paintings, Q! :smile:

oh basilus what browser have you viewed it in? can you show a screenshot? All is fine when I tested it

edit: grrr! /me kicks explorer. It looks bad in IE! I only tested in firefox. Ah well i’ll figure it out :smile: thanks for the warning.

Yes, it was IE with a 1280x1024 pixels resolution. Do you still need a screenshot?

no thanks, I have seen it for myself now :smile:

Nice paintings Q. I admire anyone who can paint abstractly like that and still make it look interesting and convey some sense of emotion/story.

Q, I had another thought about finding a job in California. Have you tried using craigslist.

The address is you can put up your resume in the jobs section and you could also post in other parts of the craigs list community to see if anyone else has any suggestions for you.

thansk for that suggestion Milod! :happy:
checking it out :smile:

Anything to help.

Good luck with your search.

I know that cragislist became a great resource for people who were displaced by hurricane Katrina so it might help you as well.

Best wishes :smile:

Q, good luck moving to California. I agree with milod, craigslist would be good to post your resume on, but may be better, because I think craigslist has more on it than just jobs(and in the recent past, child prostitutes have been sold on craigslist :panic: ). I live in CA too, and the San Francisco bay area(where i live!) seems to me like a GREAT place for artists and such. Good luck on the move, and when you get here, do a little dance for me. :woot: