Call to the other Masters of LDing

Hi, let me get right to the point.

I’m writing a book about LDing. But it’s not the classical philosophical how to keep a dream journal kind of book.

I’m looking into LDs as entertainment for those who can already have them, there would only be a short chapter on ‘how to’.

It would be filled with advanced techniques and ways to overcome the standard control issues.

I don’t hang around here much anyomore so I don’t really know who the true LDers are. I want us to discuss a little in this thread, then I’ll interview some of you with interesting ideas.

Anyone interested?


I’m interested

im not a ‘Master’ thou,… but i’ve had alot of lucid dreams

the book might take alot of hard work thou,… are you ready for that?

is it gonna be published or anything???

yes tell us more about your book

My IRL ambition when it comes to ‘work’ or creative processes can be hard to appreciate through my vague and unedited posts. :happy:

Basically, I haven’t found a single book of interest to me as an LD adventurer. Everywhere I look I see ‘inducing tech 1’ ‘historical reference 1’, it annoys me!

I want to know the best ways of realistically simulating a swordfight, I want to know how you can maximize your experience as a liquid sentient.

This is what my book is going to be about. Brief chapter on how to ‘get’ LDs then on to the good stuff. Starting with general control technliques then moving on to more specific stuff. The chapters will also be acompanied with an extrect of my (or yours!) dream journal, to get the reader into the subject.

My aim is to make a great reference book for true LDers, and at the same time a good source of entertainment (dream stories) for the curious.

I’ve been mastering my dreams for over 14 years, and I’ve been getting over common LD obstacles ever since. What I want is people who can brainstorm with me (since I have not properly documented my discoveries), share their most interesting dreams, and perhaps bring some special tech of their own to the table.

Did you ever read: “The Tibetan Yogas of Dream and Sleep” by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche?

checking it out.

like Æzen pointed out, there are many good books on the subject already but I’m sure you’re aware of that
good luck with the book, let us know what it’s called :smile:

He he, I was thinking something that would attract any pimple-faced teen.

“How to be master of the universe 1/3 of your life”

Or better format

“Rule the World

Maybe this book will be mainstream enough for this poor little unpublished writer to make some cash.

Id call it “How to sleep with Britney without even going out of bed in 7 days”:slight_smile:
this title would be somehow catchy:)

I concur Jack!

Hell yeah. I’d buy that :content:

That’s pure genious.

not only is it genious . . . it’s pure genius! :wink:

Finally appreciated!:slight_smile:

Uh, I’m not really that good at LDing, so no actual advice from me, but I hope you actually get somewhere with it. I’d quite like to write a book, but I don’t have the spare time or effort for it, which is a shame. I wish you good luck.

I will help. I am not a master at it, but i am geting there. But tehre is one problem with your book if i can be so bold.

If i were not a lder and it was your book i picked up, i might find that it is too hard for me to get lucid with the brief instructions taht you have given and only wish for the rest of the book. Might you be able to publish two books, with clear notes that you should get both or maybe they come together.


Though my knowledge is still very basic (not even 1 whole year of LDing yet), I can tell you all that I have picked up many techniques over the last few months.

  1. I am mastering the “door” technique, in other words entering a whole new section of the dream world by suggestion, i.e. “I will open this door and be in the land of midgets and dwarves soon”
  2. I am not waking up when I proceed to do naughty things with females
  3. While I have yet to have had a HIGH lucidity dream, I gain more control and vividity with each LD.
  4. By the time I can assist you, I am sure my info will be good.

Yes, be bold, that’s what I want. I haven’t decided how extensive my section on ‘how to’ will be, but I do know someone will have to help me with it, I don’t want to teach something I don’t do myself.

Magus, this is exactly what I’m looking for. Personally I surf my LDs going from the original setting I ‘awoke’ in. The door technique is a concrete way to handle the normally chaotic scenes in LDs.

I will try and put an outline together, I need a few more volunteers though. Come on people, tell me what you’re good at! Also, if you feel your experiences would be an entertaining read, please post.

P.S. Magus, I got the naughty things with females thing covered. Have had it covered since I was maybe 13 :smile:

Would probably be a better idea to either make it clear in the blurb that it’s for people who already can LD, or (even better) recommend other books with a more extensive how-to section rather than publish one of your own. But like I said before, it’s that rare thing: a good idea that hasn’t already been done, so don’t give up on it.