Calling All Dreamers Living Parallel Lives!!!

So, recently I have been seeking other dreamers like me. I have been living over ten lives, parallel to this one, in my sleep. I lucid dream about every other night, sometimes multiple times a night. I experience deja reve on a regular basis, and I have spoken to my subconscious/higher self. I never try to lucid dream. I have just been an avid dreamer my whole life, and dreams have always been very important to me. I have several theories/ideas conscerning dreams, and I don’t think everything in our dreams is a symbol. I think that just like here, something perfectly timed can be taken as a sign. So, basically if you’ve been living lives in your sleep and you believe your consciousness travels to other universes, I want to talk to you. I would also be totally interested in trying to meet up in a dream. I haven’t been able to do that with someone else who actually has good dream recall.

Thank you for reading,

I had to make an account because i saw your post.

I dont feel like i have 10 “Parallel Lives” but i do feel like i have had many “Progressive Dreams”. i call them progressive dreams because i find that the things happening in them seem to cause and effect future dreams. I have had nights where i go back into dreams to finish a storyline, essentially dreaming multiple times in a night (and mornings). Ive also had dreams where i re enter the same location that ive had other dreams in and almost feel as if im just having a “different day” than the previous dreams.

What had me extremely interested in your post was your suggestion of parallel universes. Let me start by saying i didnt think dreams were relevant until i heavily studied astronomy the past year and a half.

As my “progressive dreams” have been building i had noticed a wierd feeling after i woke up (for the day) that a certain dream i had that day was in the same “reality” of another dream i had maybe a week ago.(like they were in driving or flying range of eachother) Now this feeling is STRONG like I KNOW that these places were close to eachother like i could definetly get to the other dreamscape if i wanted to.

Now after those feelings sat with me and some time passed i noticed that some more dreams were close to eachother EXCEPT they werent close to or accesible by or nearby the OTHER cluster of dreams i knew were in the same realm… AND THAT got me seriously thinking …

Thinking things like what if i try to actually travel between them?
And… “If i can drive a car to a different dreamscape, can i fly off that plane through space and reach anothers dreamscape?” If i could do that then i beleive they will only see me if they remember the dream where i approached them, and they most certainly couldn’t be lucid right? Which means i doubt we could “meet up” unless one of us isnt lucid and the other is. Idkk mind trip

Please tell me if this makes sense to you and what you think. I have LDEd with Ld methods but im out of practice and most certainly not skilled enough yet to answer some of my questioms… I am not out of practice, however, of extremely good dream recall, vividness, frequency and i have alot more awareness in my dreams than most people. This helps me naturally trigger lucidity sometimes.

That does make sense to me, more so the progressive dreams than the closeness of dream worlds. I know there are dream worlds that I tend to remember more when I am in certain dreams, like they were the things that version of me dreamt about more frequently. One of the things that I have been trying to study is if what we do in progressive dreams sticks. I want to get as close to proving they are their own worlds as I can, so I can further investigate using dreaming as a therapy of sorts.

Have you been keeping a dream journal?

Ahh i see what youre saying and yes but my dream journal is very inconsistent lol… As far as what youre saying about what we do in progressive dreams and what you do in them… I think that what you do in them affects YOUR dream actions, not other dream characters from what i see… Funny enough though ive had a dream where a building went on fire and then the next time i dreamt there it was all good… Did the dreamscape reset? Or did the building repair while time lapsed as i was not dreaming there? Food for thought…

As far as using dreams as a therapy… Its too hard for people to USE them as therapy… But in my own experience trying to reflect and analyze my dreams in reference to my life seems to hold some value… You can learn lessons about yourself and even help yourself in handling real life situations that you may have dreamed about