Calling all experts: share your wisdom!

Hi everyone!

I would love to hear about the journeys that those of you have had who are now comfortably immersed in routine lucid dreaming. How did your fascination in lucid dreaming begin? How did you go about becoming a regular lucid dreamer? What obstacles did you face? How did you overcome them? How long did it take? How often do you lucid dream now? Was there ever a time where you fell out of practice? How did you get back into it? If you had one piece of advice for those still early in their journey, what would it be?
How long ago did your quest for lucidity begin, and where are you now in your ability (ie how often, how easy is it for you to become lucid, and what do you strive for in your LDs now?)?

I think hearing the stories from those of you who are seasoned oneironauts can be very inspirational for those of us still starting out. I’m sure there are many of us who face occasional discouragement who would benefit from hearing stories of those who have been successful.

Please share!

For the past week I’ve been having daily LDs. I even had two in one night. Does that qualify me as a dream expert? I haven’t accomplished much in my LDs and they go away fast most of the time.

Thanks so much for your reply!
Yes, that is great to hear, and good for you! Man, daily LDs would be so awesome :grin:
Are you using any techniques that you’ve found to be particularly effective for you to have such frequent LDs? Or a specific mentality you try to carry throughout the day?
Although your LDs go away pretty quickly as you say, I imagine having them so often will help you to gain ground pretty quickly on your ability to hold a lucid dream longer and do more. Keep it up and good luck!
Myself, I’ve found that my LDs were much more thorough and long-lasting when I first started out, whereas now, they are shorter and harder to control, even though I am using more techniques and (supposedly) getting better at said techniques. Alas, I’m sure my LDs will improve eventually!

My only technique has been having a big bag of mugwort next to my pillow. I also have used DEILD once. I use MILD sometimes but I have difficulty falling asleep after.

Sounds like you have a powerful mind to be able to lucid dream so easily! How long have you been practicing lucid dreaming?

I was interested about a year and a half ago. Then I gave up no lost all my dream recall. Then I got interested a couple months ago and my dream recall is still not the same. It is probably because I meditate every day. That makes lucid dreaming more easier.

Thats awesome to hear that meditation has strong a strong effect on lucid dreaming for you.
I have definitely noticed a correlation between lucidity and meditation myself. When I am diligent in meditating, my lucid dream count definitely increases compared to when I’m not. Unfortunately, the hard part (for me) is to really get into a habitat of meditating every day long-term!
Happy dreaming!