Calling All You Creative People :)

I’ve been a lucid dreamer for a year now, and so far I have still never managed to fly. It drives me absolutely insane! People always say not to think too much about it and just do it, but it doesn’t work that way for me. I tend to over-analyze things ALOT, and i can’t ‘just do’ anything. I always need a method and explanation, otherwise I can’t help myself from questioning things. And it needs to be very detailed, because details are what I’m always looking for.

So basically what I really need is for someone to come up with a quite detailed way of flying with a long, lengthy description. Come up with anything, be creative! Make up your own science. For someone like me who over-analyzes everything, that’s what I need in order to be able to fly. I’ve done this for many other things to help me get my way around the dream world, but I haven’t mastered flying yet. So any help would be greatly apreciated!

Thanks! :smile:

:content: I overanalyze too sometimes, it’s really hard to get rid of but you really should try to find the relaxing bit of you and try to go with the flow…

I haven’t flown in a while now because my last attemps were poor… I didn’t believe in myself and getting off was doomed to succeed. So I just kept flapping my arms, jumping and fly for 2 metres and land again… really frustrating. :cry:

But the times when it did work out for me:
I usually flap my arms. I stand still, start flapping. Feel the wind under and above your arms. Next I run for just a few seconds and I jump into the air. Here is the critical moment of believing in yourself. If you think you will fall down, you will fall down. So try to feel very light, like you are a flower seed with wings. Really believe and feel that wind against your body and go with the wind. When I am in the air just after lift off, I usually don’t need to flap my arms anymore because I’m just flowing. Sometimes when I think I need a little more power I start flapping again.

You can also start with hovering, just above the ground and imagine and believe that you’re going higher and faster. Or have you tried jumping off of something? that’s easier maybe since you don’t have the hard lift off part. Just think about it, you are dreaming so everything is possible. Maybe if you watch some superman movies or other flying heros :tongue: and pretend you have that same skill and it’s as normal as can be for you. :smile:

Let me see. There is an explanation, elaborate as you want it. The gist of it is. You must throw yourself at the ground, and miss. To miss the ground you have to get distracted.

There is also the technique of laughing from joy. Kind of like having a happy thought. When you feel such strong happiness that you laugh, you feel so light you may start to fly spontaneously. Positive emotion is so deeply associated with the direction up, by metaphor and metonymy, that it expresses itself by flight. You feel “high”. The opposite of feeling “down”.

Nothing can stop you, you are in control and you do what you want, just act like its normal, i can fly if i can get a vivid one, now you do it

I’ll attempt to explain in made-up science.

When you fly in lucid dreams, your brain manipulates the air around you to become a completely transparent solid, but only in the areas around your feet, arms or stomach - basically the bottom of whatever orientation you are flying in. Thereby enabling you to fly.

I guess once you’ve done it, you’ll be able to do away with this frankly terrible made-up explanation, and just be able to do it. :content:

Haha, thanks guys. :smile: I’ll try these in my next LD.

In dreams, the helium particles in the air do not enjoy being in the sunlight, they tend to gather underneath shaded areas. The reason is that the sun’s rays shoot neutrons at the helium particles breaking it down to simple hydrogen which eventually bonds with oxygen molecules in the air to from precipitation clouds. As long as the helium particles are shaded, they will remain in the same form.

Throw yourself off a building, make sure that your body is parallel to the ground to ensure maximum shading for the helium particles that will gather underneath you, because helium particles are extremely light in mass, they will be able to lift you ultimately prevent you from plummeting to the ground.
From this point on you have the ability to navigate around. Do not be afraid of flying upwards, the helium particles will gather towards your feet as the sunlight covers you from the top, the helium particles then will be able to guide you upwards. :content:

LOL, I just totally made that up hahha, I know it doesn’t make sense butt you know, it will in the dreamworld!

For some reason everyone thinks flying is difficult. In the few times I’ve tried to fly in my LDs I’ve done so instantly. I just whoooshed if you understand. But for the over analyzer, here’s an idea. Have you tried getting items to assist you?

I read somewhere that if you have difficulty accomplishing a skill, like flying, try looking for something in your dreams to help it happen. One description I read was going to a vending machine that vended wings. Just push vend, pop them on, and up up and away!

Course if you want scientific and complex, try this randomness:

The people of your dreams are astounded. They have discovered the means to anti-gravity and hence the ability to go anywhere in this universe. They leave you the prototype ‘AntiGrav’ device to be tested. The device is small, but its power is large. To use it you attach the four x four inch emblem to your chest. Then you tap the device and it activates. The square silver emblem begins to glow pale blue. Within, the device is firing up, discharging energy that repulses gravitons, the particle that controls gravity. The AntiGrav connects with the mind by reading the electromagnetic fields that are created by the bodies electrical nerve impulses. With a mere thought, the device traces the field and responds by manipulating the gravitons to move you in the direction you desire.

((How’s that?))

Thanks StarryGwee, thats perfect! :smile:

I just wonder where you came up with that… helium particles in the shade? LOL :razz: But I think it’s enough to get me to start flying :wink:

A mixture of biology, physics, and chemistry! & a hint of creativity! :content:
loool, well in biology we just learned about plant hormones, how auxin elongate plants at the shaded area of the plant. In physics, we learned about nuclear fission…and uhh chemistry was random :tongue: . All of that came to mind for some reason.

Goodluck with flying!

I guess you could use your detailed way of thinking in a way that would help you to fly in your dreams, here’s what I thought of:

while in a LD, think of yourself as flying and start to analyze your thought, try to explain everything of the way you fly inside your head, do what you do best, THINK, then go back and try to apply the theory you come up with in your dream and start flying.

Also you can try to get inside your head at the moment you think of yourself flying and become that guy inside your head, or be someone else by you who’s also flying and merge or fuse into just yourself.

Hope it works mate xD