Came close to doing WILD

So I meditated on sinking into my bed. I kept repeating, I am sinking into my bed. I told myself I would dream soon. Then either hyponogia (i know i spelled it wrong!) or a few seconds I was in a dream, just me in a different place for a few seconds and then back in bed. I was so close! And I kept trying and then I just had dull dreams again, but ended up grabbing my dream journal right after a dream instead of at 4-6 am and then going back to sleep to try again.

I’ve also been trying WILD a lot recently and this has happened often to me ! What helped me to ounter this was to completely relax yourself and not fix too much on the change your feeling. Let yourself drift away while slowly aknowledging the colors and change of environment. What also helped me when I did it was to try and feel something from the dream, try and smell, touch something make the transition smoother.
Hope this helps !!

Thanks!! :slight_smile:

I’ve never actually done WILD before, but I have tried it many times. It’s such a crazy journey into another place. I might try it again, let us know how successful you are!