can anyone float at will IRL

Okay this is odd, but whenever I want to i can close my eyes and turn em in the opposite direction (usually straight down, thats the strongest) that iw anna fly or float or be pulled or pushed or whatever. I think its the result of excessive brain damage, but maybe not. Also the HI i get doing this is almost ALWAYS cosmic things like stars and planets, once it was a railroad track, but never anything else liek clouds, etc. ANd if i decide to lay down before doing this it almost brings on nausea its so strong… anybody else this happens to? or am i just wierd

So can you actually move around like that? Has anybody else seen this?

if im understanding you coprrectly, you’re thinkjng my physical body is floating around… no i just feel like i am, my body is (i guess) just staying still with my eyes closed, i probably look like im sleeping and having a good dream, cuz im almost always smiling cuz it feels so cool :wink:

I wish I had that sort of thing - very cool but I don’t have. Doesn’t seem paranormal or anything though.

sounds like a typical astral projection to me

i was kinda hoping AP would be more… exciting or something. Is that really all it is?

astral projection allows you to do sooo many things!!! you could like fly, jump high, float, go places, meet dead people etc. its fun Ive yet to acheive it though.

yeah thats what i thought, what i have isn’t that at all. i mean the floaty feeling and HI is cool but it isnt AP :sad:

cool… finally got an avatar and it works woohoo

if you are getting HI then you need to try and hold onto something you see and make it stay in your vision for a while, focus really intently on it, until it starts to feel “real” and then you can like hold onto it some more and try to “enter” it with willpower, or even sometimes reaching out and touching it.

i would think if you can really do things that vivildy (i’m jealous :sad: ) then you could just stay there for a while till you actually do project, the naseua might be feelings of entering a trance very suddenly.

i’ve found that i’m starting to be able to induce fleeting HI fairly easily by just imagining visualizations now… so perhaps in a while I could see/imagine something instantaneously like some lucky people with 'photographic memories" and maybe even enter it.

I bet with some practice and focus I could… it seems to be the better route to go rather than trying to fall asleep…

Because you are standing you also have to think about not falling over which could be inhibiting you for full projection. Try it in a sitting possition.

Cool. I get similar stuff when I close my eyes now, a while ago I was listening to my discman at night and tried to be completely absorbed by the music. Suddenly weird pictures randomly came to me. It’s just like, concentrating on watching them before they happen, hard to explain it but it happens for me.

So if the nausea waves are really a sign of a trance coming on… SWEET! I guess I’ll tyr and hold on to the feeling and focus intently, perhaps i can try out some of this “Third Eye” stuff I was reading about… I’m not into the chakra thing, but I am interested in it if anybody has any tips about chakras and thrid eye stuff lemme know. thanks.