can anyone wake up when they want to?

Here’s a problem, i guess it’s sort of embarassing i dunno.

I was just wondering if anyone, once in an LD, can will themselves to wake up and actually manage it, and if they have any tips. It’s because in the morning I often need the toilet and end up having really frustrating dreams where i try to find a toilet and then i cant find one or i cant go because no-one will leave me alone or i do go but it doesn’t relieve me.

In a way it’s cool - I’ve been to so many different dreamworld toilets!
But I wish I woul just wake up, i don’t sleep at all well when it happens.
Often I will kind of realise I’m sleeping and then try really hard to wake myself up so I can go to the toilet but it just never works. Well I guess naturally the feeling wakes me up in the end - I mean I never get caught out I always wake up in time lol!

So I guess its not a major problem its just v v annoying and frustrating and kind of unpleasant.

thanks 4 ur help and soz bout the long post!!! :smile: :grin:

If I want to wake up from a dream, I close my eyes very hard and force them to open. I often wake up in SP from this, and have to wait until it is open. There are people who only needs to tell themselves to wake up, too.

And your post isn’t too long :cool:

This is from another thread:

I think this will help you, if you’re lucid. You can just will yourself to wake up at a certain time. That time may be relevant, too. It may be NOW, instead of 7:06. :cool:

thnx ill try it next time i have a lucid dream… If i can remember! I keep on losing lucidity really quickly which is quite annoying, though I’m starting to recognise some of my dreamsigns which is good and i am realising that im dreaming (tho briefly) quite often

I can wake up pretty easy just tell myself to wake up and I do but often it’s because my alarm is going off. whilst I am in the dream I can notice things going on in real life and use them to watch what is happening whilst I am dreaming like lucid wake and sleep whilst sleeping

I often find that “going to sleep” in a LD will cause me to wake up… I think to myself, when I go to sleep in reality I’d be in a dream, so if I went to sleep in a dream I’d be in reality. Just find a nice comfy bed beside one of those toilets and relax :smile:.

Usually I can wake up by willpower in my dream.
Its hard to explain, I just do it. Its seems simple enough that anyone can do it, so maybe you can too :smile:
Anyway, if you don’t have an alarm but want to wake up at a certain time, lucid or not, just say to yourself, “This morning, I want to wake up at whatever time
If not, try banging your head on your pillow before you go to sleep. If you want to wake up at 7:00am, bang your head 7 times. I know it sounds silly, but it works for me :tongue:

Oh my god, nicolarose, you just described the exact problem I used to have when I was little! I used to have difficulties finding the toilet, and when I did it was dirty and not private enough.

That doesn’t happen anymore, thankfully. I taught myself to wake up as soon as I felt one of those dreams coming on. Mostly this is something I can do very easily if I want to - the reason I couldn’t before was that I was absolutely convinced if I could just keep on trying to go to the toilet I could get back to the dream and have fun. Of course, that never happened. I’ve always had trouble giving up in dreams.

In my situation, it took time. And, over time and out of habit, I gradually realised that I’d never wake up until I really wanted to. I was so convinced I could get the toilet scene over and done with that I didn’t think of another way to get round it (ie, waking up and going in real life). But once I realised that there was nothing I could do about it but wake up, I suddenly found I could wake up straight away on command.

Since our situations sound so very similar, I think you might be doing the same thing I used to - getting so caught up in trying to pee and have it done with already - that you don’t really want to wake up, because you think there will be more to the dream after the toilet part’s finished. The solution is so simple if you can remember it while dreaming - all you need to do is be willing to give up the rest of the dream. But you have to mean it. Then, I think you’ll find that waking up is really very easy. :content:

Yeah, just “force” your eyes to open. You’ll wake up. It works for me.

Mostly I’ll control my dreams through verbal commands so when I once wanted to wake up I shouted “End dream now” and it worked.

The body’s internal clock is pretty cool. Many times I’ve gone to bed repeating (kinda like MILD!) that I have to wake up at x: xx and lo and behold, I do! I can definitely see this working in an LD. I somehow never wake up to my alarm anymore, I always wake up before it. Somehow, we just know what time it is even though we might not be concious of it. My humble opinion. :smile:

Yeah me too…I really don’t sleep much anyway but I don’t bother with an alarm clock anymore…If I get up late it’s on purpose…Shhh! Don’t tell my boss though :wink:

yea i havnt ever used an alarm…i always get up on for how 2 wake my self up while lucid…i go to a phone(booth works better) and i pick it up.i close my eyes and make the phone say "ending dream…"and i wake up.

I used to have lots of nightmares when I was a kid. So I took Lucid dreaming as a tool to overcome the whole situation. I’d simply spin around heavily to wake me up in really unpleasant and nasty situations…

Why don’t you use LDing to overcome the nightmares so they never come back again? Face your fears, vanquish your foes, or talk to them. It’s a dream, what use is being afraid?

i have the ability to wake up around the time i want to. Give or take 10 mins.

I usually just close my eyes and concentrate on opening them, but i’m sure there are other ways. for instance, try conjuring some kind of dream-device that, when activated, will wake you up. i can’t imagine this not working. You could use the scientific technique, too: i’m pretty sure that if you focus your vision on just one thing in your dream for a little while, the rapid eye movements will cease to occur, and thus the dream will stop happening. I never tested most ofthese since i usually like dreaming, but they all should work.

I have to agree! I am not so sure that waking yourself up from a nightmare will prevent the nightmare from reoccurring. Once you are lucid, you should know that the dream has no power to harm you so you can face the nightmare. Other options are to banish the “dream monster” and I do mean banish, not kill it. Sometimes killing dream characters (even dream monsters)will not prevent them from returning in subsequent dreams. However, banishing them seems to do the trick. You could change the dream all together. Finally, you can simply kill the dream monster but, as I said earlier that may not always prevent the monster from returning in future dreams. Of course all the experts say the best option is to confront scary images in your dreams and discover what they represent.

Back to the topic:

Can I wake myself at will from a lucid dream? Of course I can but, I never want to. If anything I want them to last longer. Anyway, then best way to wake your self (which I discovered by accident) is to close your eyes for a second then open them.

Side bar:

If you ever close your eyes by accident (and you do not want to wake up) then just try to see through your eye lids. This as worked for me every time.