can coffee help with WILD

correct me if i’m wrong, but isn’t the idea of WILD to let your body go into sleep paralysis, while you’re mind stays alert and awake. If this is right, then would drinking coffee before bed help you if your problem is falling asleep too early when doing WILD?

Hi Leopold, every one is different, so you cannot be sure about you unless you try.

According to my experience and after talking to several members, coffee is actually counterproductive for WILD. It usually messes up with your sleep schedule which can make it hard to get to the sleep cycles that are more suited for dreaming.

If you want to try some substance that seems to help, search for vitamins, for instance, B complex vitamins seem to be more effective to expand these sleep cycles. However, I am not here to recommend substances.

Thank you so much

If anything I need stuff that makes me fall asleep faster, not stay awake longer. The trick is to fall asleep whilst holding onto awareness. For me it’s easy to hold onto awareness but hard to fall asleep.

I never thought of coffee for WILD. I’m the opposite to Aeon234, I fall asleep easily but have a lot of trouble maintaining awareness. I might give this a go sometime and see what happens. My main concern is that the coffee would stimulate the body as well and make it harder to relax.