Can hearing things help you realize that you're dreaming?

A couple of days ago, at about 7:15 am, my dad walked into my room (I’m 15) just as I was about to get shot at by a German soldier with a slight grey beard. He said, “Mark, time to wake up,” and in my dream, I heard it. I realized, “Hey, this is a dream, you’re about to get shot, wake up!” and I did.

Therefore my question is, if someone whispered in your ear in the middle of the night to tell you that you’re dreaming, would that have any effect on learing to dream lucidly?

I expect it would, things like the NovaDreamer already exist, which just flashes lights at you when your dreaming, so audio should work as well, but you would have to get someone to stay awake to do it with you, or get some kind of audio REM detector, which plays pre-recorded messages when you’re in REM sleep.

You do hear things whilst your asleep, incase something bad was happening. (e.g. you were being attacked)
So yea, aslong as the noise isn’t too loud and disturbing, you’ll hear it and not wake up. It also helped that it was the time you normaly wake up, so you weren’t very deeply asleep.

Would putting on headphones and listening to soft music work?

So, do you think there would be any results if I set my alarm to wake me up in the middle of the night, and while I was briefly awake, turned on my mp3 player with a recording that waits a half hour then says, “You’re asleep”? Then I wouldn’t be deeply asleep and still hear the recording. Does anyone know of anyone trying this before?

Last night I was listening to soft music and it worked. I heard the music through my dream. The first LD was from a RC (about time that worked!) and the others were from the music which reminded me I was sleeping on the couch infront of the TV listening to the newage music channel.

It may work yet external signals are likely to be integrated in your dream content and modified according to it. So that you should still have to use an induction technique. For instance, a Novadreamer won’t generally work if you don’t use MILD. It may help you and give you more LD’s if you practise an induction method but if you don’t, chances of getting LD’s are weak.